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Get an electric car with salary sacrifice

Save up to 40% on a brand new electric car with our employee benefits scheme

How does EV salary sacrifice work?

Get a brand new electric vehicle through salary sacrifice through work as a benefit, paid for through your gross monthly pay, saving on Income Tax and National Insurance.

How much you pay depends on the car’s cost and the income tax bracket you fall into. You save on income tax and National Insurance. Plus, Benefit in Kind (BIK) tax is just 2% right now. Leased by your employer but chosen and driven by you.

What's included?

Brand new electric car

Choose from the best range of electric cars. We've even pre-ordered cars to get you on the road quicker.

The whole package

We offer everything for you to hit the road: car, charger, energy, insurance, servicing, maintenance, breakdown and tyres. The lot.

5 star customer service

Our EV experts help you choose the right car for you. Impartial advice. Every time.

Free home charger

If you have off-street parking we throw in a free home charger with standard installation. If you don't, we'll give you 5,000 miles of free public charging credit from the Electric Juice Network.

First 5,000 miles free

Hit the road with 5,000 miles of free charge. With Intelligent Octopus if you have off-street parking, or with public charging through the Electric Juice Network.

Play your part

Help the fight against climate change. Save 1.5 tonnes of CO2 every year by switching to a zero-emissions electric car.

How do employees save up to 40% on the cost of an electric vehicle through salary sacrifice?

Employees make savings on their tax and personal benefits when they switch to an electric car under our salary sacrifice scheme.

The payments come straight out of the employee's gross pay, which reduces their monthly salary.

Because of this reduction in salary, there is a subsequent reduction on income tax and national insurance payments. Employers' National Insurance payments are reduced too.

Money that you'd normally never see (because it goes straight out of your pay to HMRC) actually goes straight towards your car payments.

If you were leasing a car out of your net monthly payments (your salary after tax), you'd be paying your taxes and paying your car payments too. That's why it works out so much cheaper to get an electric vehicle through our salary sacrifice scheme.

Want to learn more about the scheme and driving electric?

Not sure if salary sacrifice is right for you? Having doubts about driving or charging your EV? We can help with some answers! Visit our blog

Other questions about leasing an electric vehicle?
How long would I have to wait to get my EV?

Some cars have waiting times, some are pre-ordered and available straight away.

Do I need to have a driveway to be on the EV salary sacrifice scheme?

No, you do not need a driveway or a house to get an EV on a salary sacrifice scheme. You can use public chargers and even get 5,000 miles for free when you sign up.

How does salary sacrifice benefit the employee?

You've probably heard that you pay less tax with a salary sacrifice scheme, and you’re right. You pay part of your gross salary towards an EV (your non-cash benefit), and that money will be exempt from Income Tax or National Insurance.

You pay the same amount every month (unless your tax bracket changes or there are changes in tax rules from the government). No hidden surprises or fees you won't expect. That means not using your savings for surprise costs like repairs!

How much do you save with salary sacrifice?

You can save up to 40% of the price of an EV on salary sacrifice, but the exact amount depends on the car you choose and your tax bracket. The way it works is that what you would usually pay towards tax instead goes towards your vehicle, making the amount you pay for the EV actually less. No upfront costs either.

And don’t forget about all the extras that come as standard on our salary sacrifice scheme like the free home charger, 5,000 miles, maintenance, breakdown and replacement tyres.