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Intelligent EV, the smartest way to get an electric car.

Car. Energy. Peace of mind.

Electric vehicles are getting smarter by the minute

And not just the cars - technology will make driving an electric car easier, cheaper, greener and more fun.

That’s why we’ve launched Intelligent EV, to make sure you’ve got access to the most up-to-date technology out there.

Here’s what’s included

The latest EVs

New electric cars with the latest tech.

Pay to drive, not own

Lower your monthly cost by leasing, not owning. Choose 2, 3 or 4 years.

Smart home charging

Automatically charge your car when it's cheapest and greenest with exclusive access to the UK’s cheapest tariff.

Smart public charging

Pay with one card and get 8% off all public charging with Octopus Electroverse.

Service & maintenance

We’ll keep your car in tip-top condition with servicing, maintenance and repairs included.

VIP customer service

We’ll look after you with renowned Octopus customer service.

Be one of the first

Intelligent EV is brand new. Be one of the first 100 people to lease a car with us and you'll get:

  • £100 public charging credit through the Electroverse network.
  • Some lovely Octopus stash - including your very own plushy Constantine.

How does it work?

  • Choose your EV

    Pick from a list of top EVs with the latest tech.

  • Tailor your agreement

    Decide how long you want your EV for and how many miles you’ll drive.

  • Get your EV

    Once we’ve done a few credit and affordability checks we’ll deliver the car straight to your door for free.

The latest EVs - What cars can I get?

We're offering eight of the best electric cars with the latest technology, offering great value for money. Unfortunately if you want a car that's not on this list, we can't offer it right now.

Pay to drive, not own - How does a lease work?

With Intelligent EV, you’re getting what’s known in the leasing world as a Personal Contract Hire lease. This means you pay a fixed monthly price in return for a brand new EV. At the end of the lease, you hand the car back to us.

Pay to drive, not own - What is the upfront payment?

The upfront payment is equivalent to 3 times the monthly price of your lease. It isn't a deposit and instead replaces your first monthly payment. After we take your upfront payment, you’ll pay your monthly rental from month two until the lease ends. The monthly payment amounts are calculated after your upfront payment is taken off, and so by paying the upfront payment, your monthly payments are lower.

Pay to drive, not own - Can I keep the car at the end?

With Intelligent EV you’ll give the car back at the end of the lease as it’s a hire plan, agreed for a certain period of time. Remember though, cars are assets that lose value, so this way you get to return the car, hassle free, at the end of your term.

Smart home charging - How do I charge my car at home?

We have an EV specific energy tariff - Intelligent Octopus Go - that allows you to charge your car with the greenest, cheapest energy. If you also get your car from Octopus, you'll also get access to our exclusive "Intelligent Octopus Go - EV Saver" tariff, the UK's lowest EV tariff, and charge your car for 6p/kWh. In order to get onto this tariff, you’ll need to be an Octopus Energy customer, and have either a car or a charger that is compatible with Intelligent Octopus Go.

From our cars, the Tesla Model Y and Audi Q4 e-tron are both compatible with Intelligent Octopus Go, no matter what charger you have. For any other car model, you’ll need to install a charger at home that is compatible. We can help you pick and install your home EV charger with Intelligent Octopus Services. Learn more about that here.

Smart public charging - How do I charge my car when I’m not at home?

As part of Intelligent EV, you’ll get an Electroverse card which (once you download the app) gives you one-tap access to hundreds of thousands of public chargers across the UK and Europe. Intelligent Octopus Go customers receive an 8% discount off all public charging. Plus, you can plan charging routes to any destination and tailor the experience to your EV.

Servicing & maintenance - What do I have to do myself?

Based on customer feedback, in Intelligent EV we've only included what we think is valuable for a smart EV driver. You’re covered for service, maintenance and repairs. This includes all servicing recommended by the car's manufacturer, any necessary MOTs, and any maintenance and repairs caused by typical wear and ageing.

There are a couple of extra things you might need that you can source competitively yourself:

1. You'll need to buy your own comprehensive motor insurance and keep that in place for the length of your lease term.

2. You'll need to cover the cost of any tyres that need replacing, and make sure you replace them with like-for-like tyres.

3. Breakdown cover is also not included in our package. (Although some car manufacturers cover breakdown as part of their warranty. You can check the manufacturer’s websites to confirm.)

4. You’ll also be liable for any fines that you may receive once you have the car, plus any excess mileage and damage above fair wear and tear when you return the car at the end.

Need a hand?

Get in touch with our EV experts for personalised advice.