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Electric vehicle leasing made easy

Making the transition to electric driving seamless

What is an electric car lease?

Pay an initial upfront payment and then fixed monthly instalments. Electric car leasing gets you behind the wheel of a brand new EV. You keep the car for two to four years and then return it at the end of your contract.

With an Octopus EV personal lease, you can get the car, charger, and servicing, all in one simple package.

What's included with EV leasing from Octopus?

Free EV home charger

Installed by an expert Octopus engineer. With free standard installation.

4,000 free miles

If you switch to Intelligent Octopus Go for at-home charging, or for public charging with Electroverse.

Servicing, maintenance, and repairs

We’ll keep your car in tip-top condition with servicing, maintenance, and repairs included.

Breakdown cover

At-home or on the road breakdown assistance from the experts at the AA.

Expert EV advice

Expert and impartial EV advice from our 4.8 star Trustpilot rated team.

Replacement tyres

Get four new tyres every 20,000 miles, all included in the cost of your lease.

Our deals on brand new EVs

Looking for a brand new EV? Check out our latest offers and get yourself behind the wheel. We'll help you make the switch to electric driving seamless.

Our latest Nearly New EVs

We've got great deals on used EVs. All under 18 months old with less than 15,000 miles on the clock. And they're at a lower price than brand new.

Are you ready for an EV?

Not sure if you're ready for an EV? There's a few things to think about before committing to the switch, take our quiz and find out whether you're ready to go electric.

How does electric car leasing work at Octopus EV?

  • Choose your EV

    Pick from the top EVs on the market with expert advice to help you choose.

  • Tailor your agreement

    Decide how long you want your EV for and how many miles you'll drive.

  • Order online

    Order your car through our website, or book in a call to talk through your options.

  • We'll do some checks

    We'll do some credit and affordability checks to make sure you're eligible.

  • Get your EV

    Free delivery on all cars. We'll keep you updated when we get a delivery date.