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man using his home Ohme EV charger

Get a free home EV charger, installed by Octopus

Whether you choose salary sacrifice or our ultimate EV package, get a free home EV charger.

Charge your EV at home or on the go. Either way it's on us.

Free home charger

Installed by an expert Octopus engineer, including a standard installation. We'll also give you 4,000 free miles when you switch to Intelligent Octopus - the smartest energy tariff for EV drivers.

Or charge on the go

No driveway? No problem. If you can’t charge at home, we'll give you 4,000 free miles of public charge with Electric Universe. With access to thousands of chargers across the UK, with the simple tap of a card.

Free Ohme Home Pro charger with standard installation

Whether you get your new EV through salary sacrifice or our ultimate EV package, we'll include a free Ohme Home Pro charger. Installed by expert Octopus engineers.

A standard installation includes a remote survey, the fitting of the charger and routing of cables, plus electrical connections. Our engineers will also test everything is working as it should and give you a quick demonstration on how to use your new charger before they leave.

Integrate with the smartest EV energy tariff

The Ohme Home Pro charger integrates seamlessly with Intelligent Octopus. The smartest EV energy tariff on the road. Giving you six hours of smart charging every night at a super low rate. Saving you up to 85% on fuel costs compared with petrol and charging when it's cheapest and greenest.

Got a question about your charger installation?

Give our installation team a call on 0808 196 6842 or email us at charging@octoes.com.