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An EV charging package that works for everyone

Which will you choose?

Free home charger

The cheapest and easiest way to charge your EV. Includes a free standard installation, plus get £75 home energy credit when you switch to Intelligent Octopus Go, which is up to 4,000 miles worth of EV charge.

£600 public network credit

On average 4,000 miles worth of EV charge, redeemable across Electroverse's network of public chargers across the UK.

Your free home EV charger

As part of your EV salary sacrifice scheme, you can grab a free Ohme ePod home charger.

About the Ohme ePod

  • App enabled
  • 3G / 4G multi-net sim card
  • Compatible with Type 1 and Type 2 EVs
  • Delivers up to 7.4kWh of power
  • Untethered model
  • Dimensions: 230mm (H) x 140mm (W) x 100 mm (D)
  • Works with Intelligent Octopus Go

Don't fancy the Ohme ePod?

No problem. The following home EV chargers are available at a discounted rate too.

Ohme Home Pro, with 5m cable attached

From £76

Ohme Home Pro, with 8m cable attached

From £100

MyEnergi Zappi, with 6.5m cable attached

From £150

Charger installation fees explained

We can only install a charger if you have private off-street parking like a driveway or garage. If you choose this offer, we’ll send you a link to an online application form so you can tell us more about your home set up.

Standard installation: Included

No extra cost. Charger is mounted to a wall, and we’ll use up to 10m of cable.

Standard Plus Installation: £99

Covers mounting your charger to a wall, and up to 20m of cable.

Enhanced Installation: £189

Covers mounting your charger to a wall, and up to 30m of cable.

Bespoke Installation

Covers things like more than 30m of cable, and fitting cables underneath floorboards.

How quickly will my home charger get installed?

Charger installation wait times can range from 4 to 10 weeks, depending on where you live.

Maximise your fuel savings

Get £75 credit when you switch your home energy to Intelligent Octopus Go, the tariff designed for EV drivers.

Intelligent Octopus Go

Charge for only 7.5p/kWh

The cheapest and easiest way to charge your EV at home (link charge your EV at home to our ultimate guide to home charging blog) is with the Intelligent Octopus Go tariff from Octopus Energy. With this smart EV tariff, you can charge your car with unlimited, super cheap, green energy. Plus you'll get six hours of guaranteed cheap energy for your home between 11:30pm and 5:30am.

Charging on the public network

Learn how to charge on the go using the Electroverse card and app.

Octopus Electroverse

A super-slick & easy charging experience with one card and app

Charging your electric car used to mean having many different cards and apps, with your usage spread across different emails, texts and bills. Not anymore. And best of all, it’s free to join.

Get access to thousands of chargers all in one place with the Octopus Electroverse card and app. Plus if you’re an Octopus Energy home electricity customer, your bills can automatically be linked for ultimate simplicity.