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Selling your car has never been this easy

The more money way to sell your car. Get a free, instant valuation

Want to sell your car?

Good news! We’ve teamed up with Motorway so selling your current car is simple and hassle free.

No need to research trusted dealers and look for the best price, we’ve got you covered. Get a quick and free evaluation and accept the offer that’s right for you. 84% of customers get more money with Motorway*

When should I sell my car?

If you've ordered your EV with us, we strongly recommend you don't sell your current car until a week or two before your delivery date. We don't want you to end up without a car if you sell it too soon. If you sell with Motorway, you can arrange collection of your car at a convenient time.

How to sell my car

  • Enter your reg for a free valuation

  • Give your car details and add photos

  • Over 5,000 dealers compete for your car

  • Accept the highest offer and arrange free collection

  • Get paid directly by Motorway

Why sell your car with Motorway?

Free valuation

Get an instant, free valuation using Motorway's specialist real-world valuation tech

It's quick

Complete your sale quickly, with free collection too

No hassle

Motorway will find the dealer who'll pay the most, so you don't have to

You'll get paid within 24 hours

No waiting around. You’ll get paid within a day of the car being collected.

You pay nothing

It's free! Dealers pay a fee to Motorway to buy your car, so there's no cost to you

Why we recommend Motorway

We’ve teamed up with Motorway, the online car selling platform, to help make the switch to electric driving as easy as possible. Sell your current car straight from your phone. Check out our range of EVs to see what you could be driving next.

Can I really get more money by selling through motorway?

84% of Motorway sellers sold their vehicle for more than the average market price valuation between Jan 2020 and October 2023 (based on two independent market pricing guides). Visit motorway.co.uk/claims

Is it safe to sell my car online?

Yes. When you use Motorway, you'll only accept an offer for your car that you're happy with, and you'll be paid directly into your bank account via bank transfer.

In most cases, the money is transferred on the same day the vehicle is collected. You'll confirm these details once you've accepted an offer on your vehicle.

Is selling a car difficult?

No. To sell a vehicle with Motorway, all you need to do is enter your reg, provide the details and photos requested, accept your highest offer from their verified dealer network, then arrange free collection with the dealer at a time suitable for you. Motorway handles everything else for you.

How long will it take to sell my car?

From the first enquiry to completing your sale, having your car collected and money in the bank generally takes around two to seven days, though it can be completed in as little as 24 hours.

How long will it take for my car to be collected?

Once a sale is formally agreed, collection of the vehicle will typically take place within three to seven working days.