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Home charger terms and conditions

A free home charger refers to an Ohme Home Pro, including a standard installation - https://octopusev.com/charging/home-charging.

If you fall outside of a standard installation or want a different charger, you will be quoted directly for the additional costs, and if you have your charger installed before your car arrives, and you then cancel your car order, you will be liable for the cost of the charger and installation (£899).

Charging Offer terms and conditions

4,000 free miles is received in the form of credit to your Octopus Energy account on delivery of your car when you switch to the Intelligent Octopus tariff. This credit - the equivalent of £100 - is calculated based on charging your car during the off-peak window of the Intelligent Octopus tariff.

It assumes an efficiency of 4 miles of range per kWh used, so 4,000 miles requires 1,000 kWh of energy, and as it costs 10p per kWh to charge your car during the off peak window, this is £100 of credit.If you're unable to switch to Intelligent Octopus, but do switch to Octopus Go, we can give you 3,340 free miles, also equivalent to £100 of credit (where the off peak window is 12p per kWh).

4,000 free miles with Electroverse
It assumes an efficiency of 4 miles of range per kWh used, so 4,000 miles requires 1,000 kWh of energy. Based on an average network cost of 60p per kWh to charge with Electroverse, we will provide you with £600 inc VAT in the form of credit on your Electroverse account.

This promotion is subject to eligibility and only available with Octopus' salary sacrifice and personal leasing products.

There is no offer end date, but Octopus Electric Vehicles reserves the right to stop this promotion at any time.

The free miles offers are subject to change if energy prices change on Intelligent Octopus, Octopus Go, or across the Electoverse network.