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Whether you're on the move or charging on the street, the UK's public charging network is expanding all the time.

Charge points across the UK

The UK has nearly 50,000 public charging connectors making it easy to top up on the move or close to home.

The Electroverse map is the best way of finding out which networks are local to you and how much it costs to charge. It's a great resource for journey planning so you can plan your quick top-ups on the way.

Search our interactive map below to find EV chargers near you.

How to charge your electric car

When you're on the road it's important to know where you can top up on your journey. If you haven't got access to a home charger, you'll want to know where you can charge on the street nearby.

There's a national charging network of what are known as slow, fast and rapid chargers that you can access across the UK. You'll find them in public car parks, on-street parking, at service stations, supermarkets and shopping centres.

Introducing Octopus Electroverse

Charging your electric car used to mean having many different cards and apps, with your usage spread across different emails, texts and bills. Not anymore.

Introducing Octopus Electroverse: a super-slick, super-easy charging experience with one card and app. Thousands of chargers, all in one place. Plus if you’re an Octopus Energy home electricity customer, your bills can automatically be linked for ultimate simplicity.

The card gives you the power to charge with one simple tap, across the UK & beyond with 25+ charing operators. We'll post you a personalised card when you sign up.

New charging operators join us all the time. Click the button below to find out which networks have already joined.

UK's rapid networks

Fast charging on the move


Ionity is a pan-European ultra-rapid EV charging network, providing 350 kW CCS units to drivers travelling along main routes across the UK and the continent.


With over 600 rapid chargers live across the UK, and many more in construction or in advanced stages of development, the InstaVolt network is not only far reaching, but provides UK drivers with reliable charging options nationwide.

BP Pulse

bp pulse is nationwide network of over 8,000 public bp pulse points across the UK – including ultra-fast 150kW bp pulse150 chargers.

Shell Recharge

Shell’s Recharge network has over 119 Shell Recharge electric vehicle charging points on Shell forecourts in the UK.


The GeniePoint network is one of the largest charging networks in the UK, with chargers spanning from Redruth in the tip of Cornwall to Amble in the North East of England, with over 400 rapid charge points across the UK

ChargePlace Scotland

ChargePlace Scotland is Scotland’s national Electric Vehicle (EV) charging network with access to more than 2,100 chargers.


Fastned is an open, pan-European network of rapid charging hubs. Founded seven years ago with the aim of giving freedom to EV drivers, it is Fastned’s aim that drivers should always be able to charge as fast as possible and with 100% renewable energy.

GRIDSERVE Electric Highway

The Gridserve Electric Highway charging network includes over 300 charging points at motorway service stations and other locations across the UK.

MFG EV Power

MFG has already installed electric chargers at 108 of its sites – the highest number in the independent forecourt sector. With ultra-rapid 150kW and 350kW chargers, a vehicle that can take that charge can add 100 miles range in approximately 10 minutes.


A UK-wide network of charging points, charged at a flat rate of 79p per kWh regardless of payment method.

Pod Point

PodPoint has 5,200+ public charging bays across the UK in locations such as Tesco and Lidl.

Swarco E.Connect

Swarco E.Connect is a network already well established in Europe, and is now available across the UK.


The Tesla Supercharger network is one of the UK’s fastest, with Supercharger speeds of either 120 kW or 150 kW available at more than 600 chargers.