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Make public charging simple

Find out exactly how easy public charging can be with Octopus Electroverse.

Octopus Electroverse

Simple and easy on-the road charging with just a tap or the app

Get access to thousands of chargers, all in one place, with the Octopus Electroverse card and app. Plus if you’re an Octopus Energy home electricity customer, your bills can automatically be linked for ultimate simplicity.

Electroverse app features

Route planner

See what charge points you’ll pass during your journey and schedule a charging pitstop.

Detailed information

View charging speeds, live availability, and other facilities available at the location.

Clear pricing

The latest pricing for each charger is always available in the app.

Exclusive discounts

When you charge up using the Electroverse card or app.

How easy is it to charge at an EV charging station?

Here's Charlie to show you just how easy it is...

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