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Partnerships with Octopus Electric Vehicles

Refer your clients to give them access to our specialist EV salary sacrifice scheme.

How can you refer your clients to the EV salary sacrifice scheme?

We work in partnership with a range of organisations and individuals to give their business clients access to our 100% electric salary sacrifice scheme.

We give you all the collateral, training and resources to help you showcase the benefit to your clients, and pride ourselves on the truly collaborative nature of our partnerships. Together we'll work out how to reward you in the best way for your business.

How do our partnerships work?

  • Sign up as a partner

    We'll give you all the training and materials you need to promote the scheme.

  • Shared events and thought leadership

    We'll help you provide strategic insight on EV transition for your clients.

  • Integrate with your platform

    We'll integrate with your platform or website to help you promote the partnership.

  • Refer your clients

    If they take up our scheme we'll report back on their progress to keep you in the know.

Our partnerships in action

The team at The Miles Consultancy (TMC) have been referring their clients to our electric vehicle salary sacrifice scheme.

TMC introduced their client Jacobs Douwe Egberts to Octopus Electric Vehicles salary sacrifice. Here's how the team at JDE have found the scheme.

Help your clients join the electric driving revolution

Up to 40% off an electric car

Employees can choose from the best range of electric cars, and save up to 40% with salary sacrifice.

The whole package

Everything included for them to hit the road: car, charger, energy, insurance, servicing, maintenance, breakdown and tyres. The lot.

5 star customer service

Our EV experts help employees choose the right car for them. Impartial advice. Every time.

Free home charger

If they have off-street parking we throw in a free home charger. If they don't, we'll give them 4,000 miles of free public charging credit with Electroverse..

First 4,000 miles free

They can hit the road with 4,000 miles of free charge. With Intelligent Octopus if you have off-street parking, or on public charging with Electroverse.

Help them join the fight against climate change

Your clients can save 1.5 tonnes of CO2 every year by switching to a zero-emissions electric car.

What our partners say

Truth Potential Wealth Management
Octopus Electric Vehicles have a market leading proposition and they share our passion for amazing customer service. We want to give a more personalised, inclusive employee experience, helping our clients to attract and retain the best people and helping their employees do more with their money. Octopus Electric Vehicles help us do all of this.

Jo Brothers, True Potential Wealth Management

The Miles Consultancy
It's been fantastic to see JDE launch a scheme with such positive response from employees. We chose to partner with Octopus Electric Vehicles in this space because we are keen to support teams in reducing their carbon footprint by making the switch to electric driving.

David Rees, The Miles Consultancy

What are the costs to my client?

We love answering this question. It costs them nothing to join. Our salary sacrifice scheme is totally free for employers to set up.

It’s a win-win. You get to help supercharge your client's benefits package so their staff can save up to 40% when they switch to an electric vehicle.

What's the risk for my client's business?

The salary sacrifice proposition is designed through the lens of treating customers fairly. We designed the scheme such that any risk of the cost of the vehicle becoming unaffordable are almost entirely eliminated.

What does that mean?

  • At the point of an employee signing up, we suggest employers undertake an affordability check to ensure the salary sacrifice for the vehicle will not take the employee below minimum wage. We can also provide tools to enable the employer to do this.
  • Our Early Termination Waiver product enables the employer and employee to return the car at no cost in the case of the key life events that would impact their ability to afford it. These include: resignation, redundancy, long-term sick leave and parental leave. The terms are fully set out in the Master Hire Agreement.
  • By combining these preventative measures and including our early termination waiver we both reduce the risk of affordability issues and mitigate the impact of affordability challenges that may arise from a change in circumstances.
How long does it take for a business to get salary sacrifice live?

Once your client has had a chat with our team, and confirmed their interest, we ask them to complete a credit application and sign their agreement. Once signed, we work with them to set up their direct debits and other processes before launching to staff. This can be sorted in as little as 2-4 weeks!