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About us

Meet our CEO, Fiona.

“Hi, I’m Fiona, CEO of Octopus Electric Vehicles.

We’re here to help you discover this new world of pure electrification.

After we realised how good Salary Sacrifice was - making EVs a no brainer - our team has worked tirelessly to design and deliver a scheme that makes it easy and cost-neutral for companies of all shapes and sizes to set up and run.

And we make it easy for the employees too - helping them discover the cars, new energy tariffs and smart charge points; and charging on the go if they don’t have a driveway or are planning a longer journey.

We’ve teamed up across the Octopus Energy Group, and done the legwork to find other partners that understand electric cars - to bring together everything you need as you switch to electric.

Our team are here every step of the way, and we can't wait for you to discover this new world of driving.”

Greener. Fairer. Future.

Most companies talk a lot about what they do. This is about something else. This is why we do what we do. And why you should care.

We couldn’t be good at what we do if we didn’t believe one thing. We believe the eco-choice should be the easy choice. It sounds like a small thing; it’s not.

Over 30% of the UK’s carbon emissions comes from transport. And air pollution is estimated to kill 40,000 people every year - that’s 100 people today. Imagine if that was from our water supply - there’d be a national uproar. But until recently, there hasn’t been a good alternative - and when not locked down, we’ve needed to get around - whether for work, to visit friends and family, or perhaps even get away for a holiday.

But now, the car manufacturers have done something incredible - launching over 30 great cars that we can power with wind and sunshine. Tesla kick-started the revolution, doing for cars what Apple did for our phones, but this time with tech on wheels.

And now we’re on a mission to help you discover them, and make it easy and affordable to make the switch.

Let’s take an example. We know cost is a key barrier to making that switch to electric vehicles - however, with extremely low company car tax rates for these cars, salary sacrifice schemes make them cheaper than petrol or diesel equivalents. So we’ve specialised in making it easy and cost-neutral for companies to set this up and offer it to their team.

Not to mention the 90% savings on fuel you can make.

And we know making that switch is a bit like the first time you got a mobile phone - with new tech, new terminology and new “contracts”… so we’ve set up an independent and impartial expert team who are on hand to help you discover this new world of pure electrification. From choosing your new car; to how to get a charge point at home or work; to fill up with green, renewable electrons at cheap times of the day; to where you can charge when you go on holiday or visit your loved ones, and how long that will really take.

We’re also looking to the future, where the world of electricity and cars come together, and we all have large batteries sitting outside our homes. With backing from Innovate UK, our innovation experts are running a globally market-leading demonstration project for residential vehicle-to-grid (V2G) - called Powerloop - where our car batteries can be used to store green energy for when we most need it.

Helping customers transition to a greener and fairer world for future generations is big! Our sister company Octopus Energy already supplies green energy to over 2 million homes (and counting) and we are working hard to do the same for our roads.

Together with our customers, we can make a big difference. And with 97% of customers rating us 5* Excellent on Trustpilot, we hope it’s more than just talk.

Meet the team

Our handpicked team, ready to help you on your electric journey

Fiona Howarth


Natalia Peralta-Silverstone

Head of Propositions

Claire Miller

Director of Tech & Innovation

Gurjeet Grewal

Director of Operations

Jocelyn Tasker

Regulatory Advice

Oliver Boots

Sales & Marketing Director

James Nettleton

Head of Commercial

Kelly Owens

Head of Activation, Performance and Culture

Simon Jones

Principle Developer

Chris Joyce

Director Commercial Operations

Alvin Castillo

Head of Vehicle Procurement & Dealer Relations

Ruari Crichard

Commercial Manager

Alys Peart

Chief of Staff

Sean Holmes

Systems Manager

David Jackson

Head of Acquisitions

Alex Fox

Head of Customer Operations

Miles Nicholls

Head of Finance Operations

Katie Johnson

Head of Marketing

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