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Charge your EV from home with ease

With chargers installed by the experts at Octopus Energy Services, charging at home is the most convenient and cost-efficient way to charge your EV.

Maximise your fuel savings

Switch to the tariff designed for EV drivers to power your car with super cheap green energy.


Charge for only 7p/kWh

Intelligent Octopus Go is the UK's most popular EV tariff allowing you to automatically charge your car when it's cheapest and get super low smart charging rates.

Plus, you'll get six hours of guaranteed cheap energy for your home during off-peak hours - meaning you can charge your car with unlimited, super cheap, green energy.

What if I didn't get my EV through Octopus?

That's no problem, you can still sign up to get the benefits of Intelligent Octopus Go.

What's more, you can also still order a charger through Octopus and have it installed by one of our expert engineers. All the chargers we have available for installation work with Intelligent Octopus Go, so you'll be on the perfect tariff for your EV.

Did you know you can make money charging?

We’ve partnered with Co Charger, this means you can make money just from having a charger installed at your home. Use the Co Charger app for everything from finding and getting in touch with a host, booking, and payment to make finding a charger and filling up your car battery easy and hassle-free

Our range of home EV chargers

Our chargers are supplied and installed by the expert engineers at Octopus Energy Services

Ohme ePod

Untethered for flexibility

From £899

Free with salary sacrifice, including a standard installation.

Ohme Home Pro

Integrates with Intelligent Octopus Go

From £975

Including standard installation.

MyEnergi Zappi 2

Perfect for solar

From £1,049

Including a standard installation and a 6.5m tether

Charging at home

From plugging your car in, to powering it with the cheapest greenest energy, here’s everything you need to know about home charging.

Charger installation fees explained

Not every house or home set up is the same. So, installing a home charger is different for everyone and installation costs can vary.

Standard Installation: Included

No extra cost. Charger is mounted to a wall, and we’ll use up to 10m of cable.

Standard Plus: £99

Covers mounting your charger to a wall, and up to 20m of cable.

Enhanced Installation: £189

Covers mounting your charger to a wall, and up to 30m of cable.

Bespoke Installation

Covers things like more than 30m of cable, and fitting cables underneath floorboards.

Got a question about your charger installation?

Give the Octopus Energy Services installation team a call on 0808 196 6842 or email charging@octopusenergy.com

Your EV charger installation, step by step

You’re in safe hands with Octopus engineers.
  • Complete application

    Tell us which charger you need by completing the order form.

  • Schedule installation

    We’ll find a date that works for you.

  • Installation day

    The engineer will fit your charger and talk you through how to use it.

  • Switch to an EV tariff

    EV-specific energy tariffs from Octopus Energy will help boost your savings.

Want to know more about home charging?

Head to our guide to charging at home.