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Electric car charging at home

Charging electric cars at home is now easier than ever. Get your home charging point installed now by our Octopus team.

What is EV home charging?

EV home charging lets you top up your electric car battery with miles of range from the comfort of your own home.

Charging your car at home is much cheaper and more convenient than filling up with fuel at the petrol station.

How does EV home charging work?

If you have off street parking, we can install an EV home charger at your property. The charger links up to your mains electricity and powers your car through a connector cable. All you need to do is plug your car into the charger and wait for your car to top up.

With home charging you can take advantage of super cheap, green energy overnight. Pair your charger with our Intelligent Octopus Go specialist EV tariff and you can even tell your charger when to stop charging. That's what we call smart charging!

Whether you choose salary sacrifice or our ultimate EV package, get a free home EV charger.

Our selection of EV chargers

Charging your EV at home is the most convenient and cost-efficient way to top up your car battery. All of these chargers can be bought separately and installed by an Octopus engineer.

Ohme ePod

Untethered for flexibility

From £899

Including a standard installation.

Ohme Home Pro

Integrates with Intelligent Octopus Go

From £975

Free with salary sacrifice, including standard installation.

Wallbox Pulsar Max

Integrates with Intelligent Octopus Go

From £999

Including a standard installation.

MyEnergi Zappi 2

Perfect for solar

From £999

Including a standard installation.

What does a standard home EV charger installation include?

Remote survey

We'll use all the info you’ve given to us to make sure we can do a standard install and decide the best logistics for the job.

Fitting the charger

We'll fit the charger to a brick of plaster wall. Unfortunately we can't mount to things like fences, and fitting a pole will cost extra.

Routing the cable

Our standard install includes up to 10 metres of cable, run and clipped to the wall or along a windrow/door frames, between your consumer unit and charger.

Electrical connections

We'll connect the charger to the origin of the supply, and fit any necessary electrical components.

Testing & demonstration

We'll do all necessary electrical testing and give you NICEIC certification, as well as showing you how the charger and app works.

Claiming charging grants

We'll check for any grants you may be eligible for to help cover the costs of your charger and installation.

You're in safe hands with Octopus engineers

Your EV charger installation, step by step
  • Complete application

    Tell us which charger you need and we'll guide you through the application.

  • Remote survey

    We'll use the info you sent across to check you're able to get this charger.

  • Choose installation date

    We'll find a date that works for you, ideally before your car is delivered.

  • Installation day

    We'll fit your charger and talk you through how to use it.

  • Switch to an EV energy tariff

    EV-specific energy tariffs from Octopus will help you save even more money on charging.

Got a question about your charger installation?

Give our installation team a call on 0808 196 6842 or email us at charging@octoes.com.

Make money from your home EV charger

Make anywhere between £200 to £1,000 a year from your home charger.

Most home electric car chargers are only in use just 5% of the time. Make the most of the time you’re not using it and make some extra cash by renting your home charger to your local EV community with Co Charger.

The Co Charger app allows other electric car drivers to book and pay to use your home EV chargepoint. Just set yourself up as a Co Charger host to accept bookings from chargees who want to use your charger. Not only will you make extra cash, but you’ll be helping your neighbours switch to electric cars and removing nasty air pollution from your community. Win-win!

How much power does a home charger use?

It differs between chargers, but the EV chargers we offer are around 7kW. To compare, a typical electric furnace draws about 10-20kW and a water heater uses 3-4.5kW.

Do I have to be an Octopus Energy customer to get an EV charger installed?

Nope! Anyone can apply for a charger installation. But, if you are an Octopus Energy customer you can get access to amazing EV tariffs and super low rates on energy overnight.

How much does a standard installation cost?

The price of the charger includes a standard installation.

What if I can't get a standard installation?

If installing your electric vehicle home charger is more complicated than our standard installation, it may cost extra to get you set up. Of course we'll give you a quote for any extra work before we go ahead.

You can read more about charger installation on our FAQs page.