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Employees get EVs hassle-free with salary sacrifice

Save up to 40% on a brand new EV through your company

What is a salary sacrifice car scheme?

It’s a way to get an EV as an employee benefit and save on tax while you’re at it.

The employer leases the car from us and offers the scheme to their team as a perk. The employee pays for the car with a portion of their gross salary, meaning they save money on National Insurance and Income Tax.

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How does EV salary sacrifice work?

  • Your employer offers EV salary sacrifice

    There's no set up costs for your organisation

  • You choose your brand new EV

    We've got all the top models for you to choose from

  • Pay for your EV through your gross salary

    Saving you money on Income Tax and National Insurance

  • Everyone's a winner

    You and your employer save on tax, and we all work to save the planet

How much could you save?

Find out your estimated monthly savings with salary sacrifice. Just choose your tax bracket and an EV to compare with a similar petrol or diesel car.

Tax bracket


Total monthly savings
Total annual savings

Results are based on a 4 year lease at 5,000 miles per annum

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Hear what drivers like you have to say

I’m a single mum, so finding the most cost effective option was really important. Not only is EV better for my wallet but my son and I love planning our journeys to keep organised with charging.



Even if you are a long in the tooth, stuck in your ways petrol head that believes that the charging infrastructure in the UK is not widespread enough to cope with long distance motoring, think again. It is not the nightmare you think (or have been told) it is. If I can do it, so can you!


Tesla Model 3

How do employees save up to 40% on the cost of an electric vehicle through salary sacrifice?

Employees make savings on their tax and personal benefits when they switch to an electric car under our salary sacrifice scheme.

The payments come straight out of the employee's gross pay, which reduces their monthly salary. Because of this reduction in salary, there is a subsequent reduction on income tax and national insurance payments. Employers' National Insurance payments are reduced too.

Money that you'd normally never see (because it goes straight out of your pay to HMRC) actually goes straight towards your electric car payments.

If you were leasing a car out of your net monthly payments (your salary after tax), you'd be paying your taxes and paying your car payments too. That's why it works out so much cheaper to get an electric vehicle through our salary sacrifice scheme.

I’ve heard there are long wait times. How soon can I get an EV?

It's no secret that there are supply chain challenges across the world at the moment for new cars, including EVs. But we’ve pre-ordered the most popular cars, either by reserving factory build slots with manufacturers, or buying cars that have already been made, so we can get you in one sooner. Your delivery timescale will differ depending on which make and model you go for, and how customised you want the car to be.

Do I need to be an Octopus Energy customer to get an electric car through Octopus EV?

In short, no.

But Octopus Energy customers do get loads of great freebies. For example, when you lease a car with us and switch to the Intelligent Octopus Go EV tariff you'll get 4,000 miles of free home charging.

You'll get a free Ohme ePod (untethered) charger with standard installation no matter who your energy provider is through our salary sacrifice scheme, or ultimate EV package.

If you're going to do most of your charging on the road and opt for the 4,000 free miles of charging with Electroverse, you'll get this no matter who your energy provider is.

Find out more about our charging offers here.

Is there any up front payment for employees?

No, employees don’t pay anything up front for their EV. They simply pay an agreed monthly amount through their  salary. Payments begin once the vehicle is on their driveway.