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Refer a friend

Get £50 Electroverse credit for you and everyone you refer.

Earn £50 Electroverse credit

You know how great EVs are. How nice they are to drive. How cheap they are to run. And we know you love to tell your friends, families and colleagues about how great they are. So why not reward you for spreading the word? There's no limit on how many people you can refer so you might even earn enough credit to keep your car charged all year round.

Refer a friend and split the reward

Here’s how it works
  • Get your code

    Drivers will receive an email with their referral code once their new car is delivered.

  • Share

    Share your referral code with your friends to get more people joining the electric revolution.

  • Get rewarded

    We'll give you both a £50 Electroverse credit when you've both taken delivery of your car. Refer as many people as you like to keep getting rewarded.

Who can refer a friend?

Our referral scheme is open to all of our drivers. No matter how your friend, colleague or family member chooses to get their EV, you’ll both get the credit. It works across our personal leases, business contract hire or through salary sacrifice, T&Cs apply.

What do I get when I refer someone to Octopus Electric Vehicles?

Every time you refer a friend (or family member, colleague, or neighbour) and they get an EV from us, we’ll send you £50 Electroverse credit. And that friend (or family member, colleague or neighbour) will get £50 credit too.

Plus you can refer as many people as you want.

When do I get my reward?

If you referred someone, you’ll qualify for the reward once they get their car.

If you were referred, you’ll also get the reward once you your car is delivered, with a credit code sent to you via email. You can redeem this code on the Electroverse account online or on the app.

How will I get my credit?

We’ll email you an Electroverse credit code that you can redeem on your Electroverse account online or through your app.

Can I swap rewards?

There are no alternative options for the reward, but we’re sure you’ll enjoy that extra free charge.

Where is my referral code?

We’ll email you your referral code once your car is delivered. We’re in the process of sending out codes to all of our existing drivers on the road, so hang tight as your code will be winging its way to you in no time.

Where can I distribute my referral code?

We love our customers spreading the word about Octopus Electric Vehicles, but there are a few restrictions to how you can share your link.

  • You can’t spam third party sites with it, such as adding it to your TrustPilot review – it’s against their regulations, and we get contacted with a request to remove it every time it happens.
  • No paid ads. It's great that you love us so much that you're willing to pay to spread the word. But, if you pay for ads you're really not sharing with friends and family and our advertising costs also increase.
  • Your code is designed for you to share with people you know, so go mad on your own Facebook page, pin it to the top of your Twitter page, etc. Please don’t spam our Twitter pages though.
  • We ask that you don't set up accounts or profiles that use our name or branding, as this may indicate to others that you’re an official or affiliated Octopus account. Our customers need to know what is ‘us’ and don’t take any from unofficial sources.
Is there a limit to the number of people I can refer?

Nope! There’s no limit on the number of friends you can refer. Who knows, you might even earn enough credit to keep your car charged all year round.