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Our Referral Scheme

Refer a friend and split the reward

Here’s how it works
  • Get your code

    Simply sign in and we’ll send you a personalised referral code.

  • Share

    Share your referral code with your friends and get rewards once they take delivery of their car.

  • Get rewards

    Each of you will get rewarded with a £50 Amazon voucher.

Why refer a friend?

You know how good EVs are; how nice they are to drive, how cheap they are to run, how they just make sense to so many people. And the feedback we hear time and again is that you guys love to tell your friends, families and colleagues about how good they are. So we thought we’d reward you for spreading the word.

Who are Octopus Electric Vehicles?

Octopus Electric Vehicles is here to make it easy for you to make that switch to electric driving. Our independent and impartial experts can help you choose your new electric vehicle and access great leasing rates, plus ensure you get an energy tariff suited to your new car and a smart charge point so you can charge up when it's cheap. Or if you can't charge at home, we'll help you find charging options near you. We also specialise in salary sacrifice - helping businesses offer their staff a highly valuable benefit, whilst also doing their bit for local air pollution and the planet.

What do I get?

Every time you refer a friend (or family member, colleague, or neighbour) and they get a vehicle from Octopus Electric Vehicles, you’ll get a £50 Amazon voucher. And that friend (or family member, colleague or neighbour) will get £50 too.

And this is unlimited; you can refer as many people as you want.

When do I get my reward?

If you referred someone, you’ll qualify for the reward once they get delivery of the car. Your rewards will be accrued monthly, and will be paid at the end of every month.

If you were referred, you’ll similarly get the reward once you get delivery of the car, with the voucher winging its way to you at the end of that month.

How will I get paid?

You'll receive the reward in the form of Amazon vouchers.

Can I swap rewards?

There are no replacement reward options.

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