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Renault Megane E-Tech

Compact yet surprisingly spacious. The Megane E-Tech combines cracking exterior looks with awesome interior tech to make for a great compact EV option.


225mi (real world)


268 Wh/mi


0-62mph in 7.4 sec

Top Speed


Usable Battery


Charging Port

Type 2

Approved by octopus

Both inside and out, the Megane E-Tech is impressive. The striking exterior makes it feel like a full departure from its combustion engine predecessors, with ample easy-to-use tech inside a really solid interior gives the E-Tech a premium feel. Not bad for a car that slots into the mid-range EV market. Its two battery options add some flexibility, too, letting you pick a model suited to your travel needs.


The Megane E-Tech has an elevated interior, both thanks to its layout and the tech it uses. A balance of buttons and large touch screens makes the infotainment and driving features easy to use, and nice materials as standard make the cabin a lovely place to be. The tech’s great, too. A Google-based system runs the show, including Google Maps and Spotify built in. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto also come as standard.

Slow 3.7kWh Chargers

Typical location:
Avg. miles per hour:
12 miles

Fast 7kWh Chargers

Typical location:
Home | Work | Public
Avg. miles per hour:
24 miles

Rapid Chargers

Typical location:
Public (short stays)
Avg. miles per hour:
320 miles

1768mm wide

1505mm high

4200mm long

  • Drive:

    Front wheel drive

  • Seats:


  • Boot volume:


  • Tow hitch possible:


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