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How much could you save?

Find out your monthly savings with salary sacrifice. Choose your tax bracket and an EV to compare with a similar petrol/diesel car.

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Total monthly savings
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Results are based on a 4 year lease at 5,000 miles per annum

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How we calculate these cost savings

You're probably wondering where we’ve got these numbers from. We've kept it as simple as possible but if you want to dig deeper, you can find out more here.

What’s the pricing based on?

First up, all the pricing is a guide and is subject to change. All of the examples, both electric and petrol cars, are based on a 4 year, 5,000 mile agreement.

For the salary sacrifice example, we've based the pricing on a 40 year old living in Dorset - location and age affects the price of insurance.

The most recent update for the pricing was on 19/2/24.

What sort of lease are you comparing with?

We've made the comparisons as like-for-like as possible. By that we mean we've only selected petrol cars from leasing.com that don't have an admin fee when you order one. That's because there's no hidden fees with us. We've also added in just 1 month upfront for the petrol cars, as with salary sacrifice you don't pay anything in advance.