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You're now an official partner of Octopus EV (yay!) so you can refer companies to join our EV salary sacrifice scheme.

A guide to EV salary sacrifice

Share this guide with your clients to give them a taster of EV salary sacrifice.

What makes Octopus EV different?

A reminder of what's different about our EV salary sacrifice scheme.

Want to refresh your memory?

How does EV salary sacrifice work, and what's included? Look no further, you'll find everything you need right here.

How does EV salary sacrifice work?

It's an employee benefits scheme that allows employees to pay for a car out of their gross monthly pay. It's like the cycle to work scheme, but for electric cars.

It gives employers and their team the chance to save up to 40% on the monthly cost of driving electric, while boosting the company's sustainability credentials.

It’s a win, win. Employers get to supercharge their employee benefits package and the team is happy making huge savings.

It costs employers nothing to set up and we've made it super easy to run. No catch. Just great value.

How do the tax savings work?

You pay for your brand new EV through your gross salary, before tax and other contributions are deducted, so you’ll save on Income Tax and National Insurance.

You’ll pay a small amount of Benefit in Kind (BiK) tax, which is currently fixed at 2% until April 2025. It will increase by 1% in each subsequent tax year until April 2028.

An increase in BiK increases the amount you pay for your car. But for now, this is partly what makes salary sacrifice the cheapest way to get an electric car.

40% tax payer example

Here’s an example of how the savings work for Julia.

20% tax payer example

And here’s how the savings work for George.

What’s included with EV salary sacrifice?

With our EV salary sacrifice, your team members get the whole package.

Car, charger, energy. Plus insurance (if your company chooses to include it), servicing, maintenance, breakdown cover and tyre replacement. The lot.

Free charging, at home or on the road

At home - a free charger and 4,000 free miles

Because we’re part of the Octopus Energy Group, we offer your team members a free home charger, installed by expert Octopus engineers.

This includes the Ohme Home Pro plus standard installation, which is worth £999. If there’s more work involved to install the charger at their home there may be an additional charge, but we’ll let them know once we’ve figured that out.

As an example, a non-standard install would be something like needing a new fuse board because there aren’t any spare fuses on the existing one, or the distance between the fuse board and the charger needing more than 15m of cable.

Your team can also choose to have a different charger installed at extra cost. You can check out the home EV chargers we offer here.

And that’s not all. If they switch to Intelligent Octopus Go, the EV-specific smart energy tariff, they’ll also get 4,000 free miles of free charge. That’s the equivalent of 5-6 months of driving for most people. So by choosing Octopus, they’ll have no ‘fuel’ costs for the first few months of driving their EV.

On the road - 4,000 free miles of public charge

If your colleagues don’t have off-street parking, we’ll give them 4,000 miles of free charge on the public network through Electroverse instead.

That’s the equivalent of 5-6 months of driving for most people. So by choosing Octopus, they’ll have no ‘fuel’ costs for the first few months of driving their EV.

Colleagues who go for our ‘on the road’ charging option, and switch their home supply to any Octopus Energy tariff, will also get £50 home energy credit to help with their household energy bills.

You can find the terms and conditions for charging here.