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An ID.3 driving through fields
  • Oct 25, 2023

  • 3 min read


Can I take the ID.3 camping? | A VW ID.3 Review

We love reviewing our EVs, and after recently reviewing the ID.3, we thought we’d go one step further and take it on a trip to really put it to the test. So, our marketing intern, Elise, took the ID.3 on a camping trip. And here’s what she thought:

“I put the ID.3 to the ultimate test by taking it away for a weekend camping. And to be honest, it exceeded my expectations. We spent so much less on fuel than our friends in petrol cars. And this was only using the public charging network. We also had much room and the drive was so comfortable.”

What was the range and charging like on the ID.3?

“Charging was a breeze because there was a Morrisons near our campsite that had a charging station. While we stocked up on supplies for the weekend, the ID.3 charged up. Instead of running it to empty, I made sure tot top it up whenever I could. But if you had an electrical hook-up at a campsite it wouldn’t be a worry at all. Definitely something I’d look for next time.”

Did you fit everything you need into the ID.3?

“We could fit everything we needed without feeling cramped at all. With three people in the car and loads of luggage Our 6-man tent fitted in the boot perfectly - I could even still see out the back.

Without a traditional engine, EVs have a lot of space without necessarily making the car any bigger. Perfect for being able to squash all our stuff in, and still being able to navigate those windy country lanes.”

How was it driving the ID.3?

“Integrated Apple Car Play meant we could listen to all the road-trip classics whilst cruising along in the comfy seats. And the adaptive cruise control made it even easier to navigate the roads of somewhere new.

Along with this, the parking assistance cameras are perfect if you’ve packed a little too much and need an extra pair of eyes. There’s a 12v power supply in the boot which is great for an electric pump, as well as three USB-c chargers near passengers. There’s no need for portable chargers that can run out quickly when you’ve got an EV!”

How did you find the navigation on the ID.3?

“There’s an inbuilt VW sat nav but you can also use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Personally, I preferred the Apple CarPlay satnav as I found it easier to follow. But the VW satnav does integrate some cool lights at the bottom of the windscreen which highlight which way to go. Both satnavs allow you to see how much charge will be left when arriving at the destination as well as looking for charge points around you / on the way which is a useful feature.”

What are your final thoughts on the ID.3?

The ID.3 was the perfect car for my camping weekend away. I had a great time with friends and the music kept the vibe going right until we got home - even if one of them did have a nap in the back!

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