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  • Aug 17, 2023

  • 5 min read


VW ID.3 Review: Sleek design and comfort for the whole family

The ID.3 is Volkswagen’s all-electric family hatchback and it’s been revamped for 2023. Following in the footsteps of the VW Golf, the ID.3 combines practicality with a sleek exterior. Complete with a panoramic roof and a 10-inch infotainment screen, the cabin guarantees you’ll be comfortable on all adventures, long or short.

The ID.3 has an impressive 220-mile range on just one charge. Mirroring Volkswagen's long history of making great cars, the ID.3 is no different. Its versatility makes the VW ID.3 ideal for whatever life throws at you.

Our highlights

Timeless style with a modern twist

The ID.3's exterior style brings traditional VW design into the future. The two-tone paint option adds a touch of sophistication and complements the sleek and sporty rear profile. Inside the ID.3 is incredibly spacious and has plenty of storage options and cup holders. The super comfortable front seats can be heated or cooled and both the driver and passenger seat has an arm rest for that added luxury. The new revamped 2023 model also sports a sharper exterior with fresh headlights and a slightly longer front.

Reliable innovation

Volkswagen has firmly established itself as a trusted car brand with reliability at the core. With a long standing history of great engineering and a commitment to quality, VW has earned the confidence of drivers worldwide and nothing changes with their sub-brand of EVs - the ID range. In fact, the whole manufacturing process of the ID.3 is carbon neutral making the ID.3 one of the most sustainable out there.

Smooth ride with total control

The VW ID.3 is incredibly comfortable to drive. Not only are the seats moveable to whatever position you feel comfortable, but the steering wheel and driver screen move as one so it’s easy to view, whatever your driving position. Spacious enough for four and ideal for couples and families, the versatility of this EV makes it great for pretty much anyone. Whether you're hitting the open road or navigating city streets, the ID.3's controlled steering and snappy acceleration keeps you in full control.

Love a road trip? Make your next one a smooth ride with easy handling and impressive brakes.

Top-notch safety features

Safety reigns supreme in the ID.3 - proven with a 5 star NCAP rating. Adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist helps keep driving as safe as possible. The cruise control also monitors the car's surroundings to ensure a safe distance from any obstacles. The automatic emergency braking is also another great safety feature allowing the car to avoid potential collisions. Whether cruising the city or embarking on a journey, the ID.3 will give you confidence and peace of mind in your journey.


The infotainment system covers everything you need from Apple CarPlay to Android Auto to a great navigation system. Nearly everything in the car is controlled through here as there are hardly any physical buttons. Whilst some may love this, it can make changing the air conditioning when driving a little trickier. The infotainment system has been the most criticised thing within the ID.3 with some saying it’s a little laggy. There have been some over the air-updates to the software system, but it hasn’t had a overhaul with the release of the 2023 model.

Power and efficiency

With a real world range 220 miles the ID.3 is a reliable family car that doesn’t need charging at every stop. In fact it could get you from London to Leeds on a single charge! The rear-wheel drive does mean the regenerative braking could be a little better and it doesn’t have the capabilities for one-pedal driving.

With a 0-62 mph at 7.3 seconds this speedy little hatchback is great for long-distance driving or zipping round the city. It also has a decent charging speed on a rapid charger of around 32 minutes. The ID.4 strikes a great balance between power and efficiency so it’s a great practical option for your first EV.

VW ID.3 vs Peugeot-208

The VW ID.3 and Peugeot e-208 each bring unique strengths to the electric vehicle landscape. The ID.3 shines with its spacious interior comfortably accommodating four passengers while the e-208 is a little more compact.

In terms of efficiency, the ID.3 offers a real-world range of 220 miles while the e-208, at around 175 miles, is more suitable for daily commutes. Charging times are around the same on a rapid charger at about 30 minutes.

Both vehicles are great EVs for a wide range of drivers, whether a commuter or a family. But the VW.ID3 is roomier and has a more comfortable interior so that is definitely something to consider.

VW ID.3 vs VW Golf

VW electrified and levelled up the Golf when making the ID.3. Many Golf drivers will feel at home in the ID.3, with its similar interior,  so it may be the perfect car if you’re looking to take your Golf into the future. Both models share Volkswagen's quality craftsmanship and technology but the ID.3 embraces the future of sustainable mobility making it a great choice for those seeking electric innovation.