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  • Jul 3, 2024

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EV manufacturer spotlight: BYD

We’ve all heard of Tesla (unless you’ve been living under a rock), but did you know the biggest manufacturer of electric vehicles is BYD? Standing for (Build Your Dreams), BYD is a Chinese company specialising in EVs, batteries, and renewable energy solutions.

BYD has become one of the largest and most influential players in the global electric vehicle market; with a 22% global market share as of 2024, BYD has emerged as the leading EV manufacturer.

Beyond vehicles, BYD also produces solar panels, energy storage systems, and other renewable energy solutions. BYD is known for its advancements in battery technology, particularly its development of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, which are known for their safety and longevity.

The history of BYD

BYD started as a rechargeable battery manufacturer in Shenzhen, China. The company initially focused on producing batteries for various electronic devices.

In 2003, BYD entered the automotive sector by acquiring the Tsinchuan Automobile Company. This move marked the beginning of its journey in vehicle manufacturing.

In 2008, BYD launched its first mass-produced electric vehicle, the F3DM. Since then, the company has significantly expanded its EV lineup.

Now, BYD is often cited as one of the top electric vehicle manufacturers globally, frequently competing with giants like Tesla regarding sales volume. In 2023, BYD sold over 3 million vehicles, a 61.8% increase from the previous year.

Who makes BYD cars?

Founded in 1995 by Wang Chuanfu, BYD launched its first car, the BYD F3, in 2005, marking its entry into the automotive market. It has since become a major player in China's electric vehicle market, producing plug-in hybrid and pure electric models.

There seems to be no slowing down for the manufacturer as BYD has also ventured into the monorail business, launching its first SkyRail system in Yinchuan in 2017.

BYD electric vehicle ranges

After producing over 3 million vehicles in 2023, a fair few BYD EVs are on the market. Here’s a breakdown of their flagship ranges, available at Octopus EV:

BYD Dolphin—With an estimated 210-mile real-world range, 288 Wh/mi efficiency, and acceleration of 0-62mph in seven seconds, the DOLPHIN range from BYD is the ideal everyday car. Features include front-wheel drive, five seats, and a 345L boot volume. The interior boasts a curved dashboard, a large display screen, and vegan leather seats.

BYD ATTO 3—Perfect for families thanks to its ample legroom in the back, 440L boot volume, and 50kg roof load, the ATTO 3 was BYD’s first entry into the UK market. With an estimated real-world range of 200 mi, an efficiency of 300 Wh/mi, and a top speed of 99mph, it’s easy to see why this model is one of BYD’s most popular.

BYD Seal - Winning the 2023 iF Design Award, the SEAL is as sexy as it is sustainable. The fastest of the three models, reaching 62mph in 5.9 sec, and with a top speed of 112mph, the SEAL is the ideal EV for sportscar lovers. Boasting an estimated real-world range of 310mi, rear-wheel drive and an efficiency of 266 Wh/mi, this BYD model is the star of the show.

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