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Switch to electric with salary sacrifice

Like cycle-to-work, but faster.

What's included in our green car scheme?

The whole package

We offer everything for you to hit the road in your brand new EV: car, charger, energy, insurance, servicing, maintenance, breakdown and tyres. The lot.


5,000 free miles of home charging with Octopus Go. No off street parking? Get 5,000 miles of Electric Juice credit to use across the UK's charging network.

Home charging

We'll install your home charger. This makes it easy for you to charge at night when power is cheapest. No queuing. No standing. No filling. Your car is ready to go when you are.

How does salary sacrifice work?

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3
  • Sign up to the scheme

    Take advantage of our salary scheme through your employer. If they've not signed up yet, send them our way. It's quick, easy and free to join.

  • Choose your EV

    This is the really fun part. Speak with our expert team to discuss your EV needs, order your car and we'll deliver to you as soon as it's available.

  • Hit the road

    All of your payments are taken from your salary automatically, so you have no extra bills to worry about. Our dedicated team are on hand to support whenever you need it.

Want to partner with us?

We work with a range of partners, including benefit providers and consultancies, to support their clients to drive electric. Refer your clients to give them access to our electric car salary sacrifice scheme.

Trusted by the best

Being able to offer something that promotes cleaner transport has been a real benefit to helping our team live our mission of a more sustainable world – they are amazed at what a brilliant deal this is.

James McCaster

CEO at Huel

Purple Bricks
Octopus EV’s salary sacrifice scheme makes driving electric easy and affordable, helping our staff lead more sustainable lifestyles.

Helena Marson

Chief People Officer at Purplebricks

What is a salary sacrifice scheme?

Salary sacrifice is an employee benefit scheme that allows your team to access a fantastic range of electric vehicles (EVs) at no upfront cost.

Our salary sacrifice car scheme offers a number of tax and personal benefits savings for the employee who pays for their electric vehicle from their gross salary before tax.

Is there a cost to employers to set up the salary sacrifice scheme?

Our salary sacrifice scheme is totally free for employers to set up.

It’s a win-win. You get to supercharge your employee benefits package and your team can save up to 40% when they switch to an electric vehicle.

How do employees save up to 40% on the cost of an electric vehicle through salary sacrifice?

Employees make savings on their tax and personal benefits when they switch to an electric car under our salary sacrifice scheme.

The payments come straight out of the employee's gross pay, which reduces their monthly salary.

Because of this reduction in salary, there is a subsequent reduction on income tax and national insurance payments. Employers' National Insurance payments are reduced too.

Money that you'd normally never see (because it goes straight out of your pay to HMRC) actually goes straight towards your car payments.

If you were leasing a car out of your net monthly payments (your salary after tax), you'd be paying your taxes and paying your car payments too. That's why it works out so much cheaper to get an electric vehicle through our salary sacrifice scheme.

How does my business sign up to the salary sacrifice scheme?

Setting up on the scheme is easy. Use our quote tool to see what we can offer you and your team. Once you've inputted your company details we'll give you a call to get you set up.

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