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EV salary sacrifice

The hassle-free employee benefit. Electric car salary sacrifice is just like cycle to work, but faster.

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Why choose the Octopus electric car scheme?

Over 5,000 employers are giving their employees the ultimate benefit with our electric car salary sacrifice scheme. They simply lease an EV from us and the employees pay for it from their pre tax salary - saving them money and making owning an EV more affordable.

Don't get left in the dust, join those forward thinking organisations and experience the electric revolution first hand.

What makes us different?

Benefits of joining our Salary Sacrifice Scheme

Attract & keep the best talent

75% of employees say that they're more likely to stay due to their employee benefits package.

Free to set up & easy to run

Free and easy to manage with our HR portal. Minimal admin, maximum team happiness.

Protection for your business

Protecting your business from the unexpected. We cover a wide range of events, from resignations to sick leave.

Keep your team smiling

Discover the perfect work benefit to keep your team smiling. Your team can save on taxes, get themselves in the latest EVs, and they can take advantage of free charging to boot. It's the ultimate employee benefit.

There's no other salary sacrifice scheme that can offer the full package like Octopus EV. Take a look at what's on offer to your employees by clicking below.

Boost Employee Retention with Octopus EV

More than half of employees (59%) are more likely to join or stay with an organisation if they have a comprehensive benefits package on offer.

It was the sales approach and how the team managed the relationships that swung it for us. It was unlike anything else I’d experienced when looking into salary sacrifice car schemes.

Bloom Procurement Services
Ben Stevenson

Chief of Staff at Bloom Procurement Services

One of the things I really like about the Octopus EV scheme is that it’s the full package. The charger, plus the Octopus Energy tariff - I think the whole offer is really attractive.

Neil Clark

Planet Officer at TPXimpact

Not a decision maker?

Check out our employee page to see how much you can save using our EV calculator - then let your employer know how much money they could be saving you

How do I implement a salary sacrifice scheme?

To join our electric vehicle salary sacrifice scheme, we first need to sign up your company and you'll then be contacted by our awesome team to help you join. If you need more information on all the in and outs of a salary sacrifice scheme the details from HMRC are found here.

What are the salary sacrifice costs to the employer?

We love answering this. It costs you nothing. Our salary sacrifice scheme is totally free for employers to set up.

It’s a win-win. You get to supercharge your employee benefits package and your team can save up to 40% when they switch to an electric vehicle.

How do you make it easy to manage the scheme?

We make it hassle-free for employers  to manage the scheme, with our digital-first approach.

Through our dedicated HR dashboard, employers can get all the information they need about the scheme, making it super-simple to launch, approve orders from their team, complete tax and carbon reporting and more.