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EV salary sacrifice

Like cycle to work, but faster.

What is a salary sacrifice car scheme?

It’s a way to get an EV as an employee benefit and save on tax while you’re at it.

The employer leases the car from us and offers the scheme to their team as a perk. The employee pays for the car with a portion of their gross salary, meaning they save money on National Insurance and Income Tax.

Want to get your team in EVs?

Why you should choose Octopus

What's included with our EV salary sacrifice scheme?

The monthly payment covers:

Brand new EV

We've pre-ordered the most popular cars to get you on the road quicker.

Free home charger

If you have off-street parking, we throw in a free home charger with standard installation.

First 4,000 miles free

With Intelligent Octopus if you charge at home, or through Electroverse credit if you don't.


Fully comprehensive insurance included as standard.

Servicing & maintenance

We cover the cost of routine servicing, plus maintenance and repairs.

Breakdown cover

From our friends at the AA.

Hear what our customers have to say

It was the sales approach and how the team managed the relationships that swung it for us. It was unlike anything else I’d experienced when looking into salary sacrifice car schemes.

Ben Stevenson

Chief of Staff at Bloom Procurement Services

One of the things I really like about the Octopus EV scheme is that it’s the full package. The charger, plus the Octopus Energy tariff - I think the whole offer is really attractive.

Neil Clark

Planet Officer at TPXimpact

Want to partner with us?

We work with a range of partners, including benefit providers and consultancies to support their clients to drive electric. Refer your clients to give them access to our EV salary sacrifice scheme.