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Electric car sharing with Octopus EV and Turo

Lease a car with Octopus EV, then earn extra money through car sharing.

What is car sharing?

Think Airbnb but for cars. Car sharing lets you rent out your car to verified drivers. So your car earns you extra cash, instead of being sat on your driveway.

Whether they're borrowing your car for a day, weekend, or even a week, you'll be helping put EVs in front of more people. Welcome to the electric revolution.

How does car sharing work?

Your car will be listed on Turo, the world's largest car sharing marketplace.
  • Get your car

    Join the electric revolution by leasing your car through Octopus EV.

  • Sign up to Turo

    Once your leased car arrives, we'll send you a link to sign up to Turo.

  • Fill out your details

    There are no sign-up charges - all you need are your car's details.

  • Set up your profile

    Add your images, set your preferences, and you're good to go.

  • Greet your guests

    Follow the app's instructions to welcome your guests.

  • Sit back and earn

    Receive your payment within three days of each trip.

What's in it for you?

Ultimate EV package

More than a lease. You'll get the car, charger, energy, servicing, maintenance, and so much more.

4,000 free miles

If you switch to Intelligent Octopus Go for at-home charging, or for public charging with Electroverse.

Earn when you're not driving

EV daily listing prices in the UK ranged from £23 to £371 over the last year, you'll keep up to 75% of that.

Spread the word

Giving others access to an EV is one of the best ways to kickstart the revolution.

You have the power

Take control and decide when, what, and who drives your car. What's stopping you?

Make our world a greener place

Car sharing reduces the number of cars on the road making the world a cleaner, greener place

How do I sign up for car sharing?

Book a call via the button below to chat with us about leasing an EV and sharing it via Turo. Or, just hit the button at the top of this page to browse our cars and special offers.

Once you've got your EV we'll send you a unique sign up link via email. And, if you sign up through this link, Turo will match your first £200 made. So, signing up as an Octopus EV customer can make you even more money.

Who is Turo?

Turo is a platform that makes car sharing happen worldwide. They connect verified drivers with hosts who want to share their cars. Guests can easily borrow a nearby car, saving time and money compared to renting a car.

You can find out more here.

How much money could I make from my car with car sharing?

That depends on where it’s located, how much you charge, and when it’s available. EVs can be shared for £80-100 per day, and Turo says the average earnings in the UK are £420 per month

See how much you could make with Turo’s car sharing calculator.

Is car sharing safe?

We know the thought of sharing your car with a stranger can be a bit daunting, but that’s where Turo can help. Turo runs verification checks on every driver before they borrow your car. So you’ll know any driver:

  • Has had their licence for at least 2 years
  • Hasn’t had an at-fault accident for three years
  • Is over 21, and under 74 (for most EVs, drivers will need to be over 25)

Plus, both drivers and hosts can review each other after the rental, so you can read reviews before you make the decision to lend your car out.