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  • May 6, 2022

  • 2 min read


Our top 3 affordable electric cars

There’s a misconception that all-electric cars are expensive. But, with more and more constantly being released, there’s now an EV for everyone and plenty of great options that won’t break the bank. Here are three of our favourite best-value-for-money EVs, which are both practical and affordable.

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Kia Nero EV

e-Niro is dead, long live the Niro EV! Updated with a whole new dedicated EV platform, plus Vehicle to Load (V2L) ability and great range for the money, this car is a great choice for drivers looking for a model at the more affordable end of the scale.

It’s ideal for the family with a spacious, comfortable interior, and it’s capable of longer journeys, with a real world range of 235 miles.

Hyundai Kona SE Connect

The Kona was crowned Which?’s Best Buy Compact SUV in 2019, and we can see why. Like the ZS, this is another great option if you’re looking for a practical, affordable and reliable EV that can cover a very usable real-world range of 155 miles.

It’s also packed full of great tech as standard, like electric lumbar support for the driver, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, USB charging and an impressive KRELL soundsystem.

Nissan LEAF Acenta

The LEAF was the world’s first mass scale EV, and has been constantly improved since its release back in 2010. Its real-world range of 145 miles makes it ideal for cruising around town, and its huge boot (with enough room to carry 7 suitcases!) is perfect for carrying shopping.

The LEAF is also future-proof, with Vehicle-to-Grid functionality as standard. That allows you to send energy back to the grid from your car, which we’ve been trialling as part of our Powerloop project - we hope this will be the norm in years to come.