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  • Sep 7, 2022

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Our top picks for fast affordable electric cars

Think electric cars are sluggish and expensive? Think again.

Tech is leaping ahead when it comes to electric cars. Now, some of the top models easily rival traditional sports cars.

But you don’t have to spend a fortune to get your hands on a nippy electric car. With a huge range of EVs available, some are both affordable and fast enough to convert even the most committed petrolhead.

Which electric car is the fastest?

The fastest electric vehicle is by far the Rimac Nevera with a top speed of 258 MPH.

The fastest accelerating electric car that’s been made (so far) is one you probably wouldn’t want to use to pop to the shops: the McMurty Spierling, going 0-60mph in less than 1.5 seconds, it’s fair to say it packs a punch.

The McMurty prototype smashed speed records at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Unfortunately, it’s not available to buy at the moment. And if it was, it probably wouldn’t be affordable.

While the McMurty might be a pipe dream, it does prove that electric cars can really move. And there are plenty of EVs that (almost) match the McMurty and Rimac Nivera for speed, while more than making up the difference with their reasonable price. Keep reading for our round-up of the best affordable electric cars that are speedy too.

The best fast and affordable electric cars

You can’t have a list of the fastest electric cars and not include a Tesla. This particular model won Best EV of 2022 and it’s not hard to see why. Futuristic tech pairs with minimalism and premium seats to make driving the Tesla an absolute delight.

The Tesla’s top speed is 155mph and it’ll reach 60mph in just 3.7 seconds — pretty fast and comparable to some of the top petrol sports cars. But you don’t have to sacrifice range for speed, with a full charge taking you upwards of 260 miles.

Made by the fully electric arm of Volvo, the Polestar combines the best in speed and safety. It’ll hit 60mph in a respectable 4.7 seconds and can take you to a top speed of 127mph. All the while, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that this Swedish powerhouse is dependable.

Built with safety in mind, Polestar is a great choice if you’re after an electric car that’s as reliable as it is punchy. Plus, you’ll be on the road for 245 miles before you need to charge.

The Genesis GV70 nails the futuristic vibe and Octopus Electric Vehicles have secured a supply of this newly released car.

It ticks all the boxes for a fast, fun and super affordable electric car. Top speed? 146 mph. Acceleration? 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds. Range? 215 miles. Throw in the spacious, comfortable and futuristic interior and the GV70 easily lives up to its ‘premium SUV’ label.

ID.3 follows VW’s iconic Beetle and Golf designs ushering in the company’s so-called “third era”. Designed to be a comfortable, zero-emission city car, the ID.3 has a slightly lower top speed of 99mph. Having said that, it accelerates like a dream, hitting 60mph in a nippy 7.9 seconds.

The ID.3 has an impressive 280-mile range between charges. Cleverly configured interiors give you space to both sit comfortably and fill the boot up, so it’s a great option for big families too.

Another household name’s winning awards: the Kona Electric nabbed the Which? Best Buy Compact SUV prize in 2019.

The Kona’s top speed is 104mph and it’ll get you to 60mph in 7.9 seconds. Regenerative braking, intuitive tech and lots of space mean the Kona will keep you just as comfy on the school run as it will on longer journeys.

Elegance with a sporty twist. Kia’s EV6 will hit speeds of 115mph, rivalling some of the more traditional “fast” car brands. It’s quick off the mark too, reaching 60mph in 5.2 seconds.

The EV6 combines great driving range (255 miles) with high specs and a spacious interior. It feels sporty to drive and is the perfect car to do it all: nip to the shops, drive the length of the UK, or take the kids on holiday.

Which EV is the best value for money?

Electric cars are great value for money. Even better, you can get a completely zero-emission car without sacrificing speed.

All of the cars we’ve listed come in at less than £900 per month on our EV salary sacrifice scheme. Like cycle-to-work but faster, it’s the cheapest way to get on the road in an electric car. All our EVs come with free initial charging, home charger installation, insurance, maintenance and more. It’s the easiest, most affordable way to get your hands on a fast electric car.

The best value electric vehicle for you will completely depend on what you’re using your car for, how far you drive, and what your financial situation is. One of our favourites is the Tesla Model 3 — for the price, you get a brilliant combo of tech, range and speed from the Tesla Model 3. It’s not the right car for everyone though and we’ve got lots of other EVs to browse.