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  • Jul 1, 2021

  • 6 min read


Some of our Top Picks in the Electric Vehicle World

The electric revolution is here. Public charging infrastructure is developing at pace, electric vehicle (EV) uptake is surging and the number of EVs available is exploding. So there is no better time to provide you with the low-down on our pick of the best EVs available across three main categories; city living, family friendly and luxury high performance.

The prices displayed here exclude insurance. We find that many employers select a scheme that gives full peace of mind with insurance included, so our standard quote tool does include this. If you'd like a quote without insurance - or would just like more info - please check out our salary sacrifice page or book a call with one of our experts. Head to our cars page to see some of the other EVs we offer.

EVs perfect for city living

Honda E received a lot of attention in 2020 - it’s a small, avant-garde car that changes the way you see the city, with incredible self-parking tech and one of the tightest turning circles in the market. With a real-world range of up to 105 miles*, Honda E offers a great electric option for anyone looking for a stylish urban run-around.

Fiat 500e, released earlier this year, is built on the classic Fiat 500 design, but uses an all-new dedicated EV platform, producing a real-world range of up to 135 miles.** Thanks to this platform, it will please new and existing customers of the 500, providing everything you’d expect with a little added electric nippy-ness. Excitingly, the 500e Cabrio adds to the line up to offer the only convertible EV on the market. Check out our 500e walkaround video here.

The MX-30 is Mazda’s first fully electric car. Built with simplicity in mind, the MX-30’s convenience makes it ideal for short trips in and around town, whether that be on the school run or to the local shops. From the outside, the MX-30 has a refined, stylish look, built on top of a crossover SUV platform. Head here to get an in-depth overview of the MX-30.

EVs perfect for the family

ID.3 marks the beginning of a new era for VW, offering a completely electric solution to help drive us towards a more sustainable future. With an extensive variety of options available, the ID.3 can be tailored to suit your lifestyle, and with a real-world range of between 170-280 miles***, it’s suitable for almost all journeys. Click here for a more detailed overview video.

Kia e-Niro

As the first EV to win What Car?’s Car of the Year, the e-Niro is certainly an impressive electric option. Offering two different battery sizes, either 39kWh or 64kWh, the Kia e-Niro is capable of a real-world range of up to 230 miles.**** The spacious interior is family friendly, and the slightly higher seating position helps visibility and makes you feel safer on the road. For a full run through, check out our Kia e-Niro video here.

Having recently driven Polestar 2 for the first time, Octopus EV’s very own EV Communities Champion and self-confessed car nut Charlie Fraser was hugely impressed (read his full review here). The car has a combination of great braking performance, brilliant tech, impressive handling on country roads and, most importantly, everything is designed around the driver to help create a feeling of security. Polestar 2 is a precise EV that offers a great option for someone looking for an all-rounder. We’ve got a full walkaround video on the car here.

High performance, luxury EVs

The best bang for your buck performance car (with a roof) that there is. It’s the future of fast, with supercar beating acceleration alongside a subtle and refined interior featuring some of the most amazing tech. All of this is in the familiar and immensely popular package of Model 3, one of the safest and most efficient cars on the road.

The electric answer to the (auto) bahnstormer, Audi RS e-torn GT, is probably one of the best looking cars on the planet, with the muscle to back it up. When you want to get somewhere fast, an over boost function develops 637bhp with an electronically tweaked Quattro system by the clever folks that have developed so many forerunners. You can charge 65 miles in 5 minutes at an IONITY charger - one of the fastest on the market, which means a coffee break is all you need before being able to get back on the road, eating up those autobahn miles!

Mercedes EQC

“I drive a Mercedes” is The Weeknd’s answer to whether or not he drives electric and it couldn’t be closer to the truth. Over 120 years of car building has brought Mercedes to this point. EQC is simply sublime in terms of comfort and experience, with enough punch to keep you effortlessly cruising on the motorway. The cabin is tranquil and peaceful - it’s like you're floating on a cloud. It’s luxury and performance personified, exactly how the founders of Mercedes-Benz would have imagined it. Also check out the alternative EV from the same brand, Mercedes-Benz EQS.

*According to EV Database 30/06/2021

**According to EV Database30/06/2021, based on 42kWh battery

***According to EV Database 30/06/2021, based on ID.3 Pure Performance and ID.3 Pro S

****According to EV Database 30/06/2021, based on 64kWh battery