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Honda e

Winner of the Red Dot Design Award, the Honda E has a minimalist design, with attention focusing on its incredible full-width digital dashboard. It’s a perfect city car.

honda e white front left


105mi (real world)


271 Wh/mi


0-62mph in 8 sec

Top Speed


Usable Battery


Charging Port


Approved by octopus

The Honda e is rooted in the company's Kei car history (a special kind car for Tokyo). It is an expression of Honda's intent to move into the future and build solution based cars again. This will be a cult hit, it speaks of Japanese car culture and problem solving.


With a tighter turning circle than a London Taxi (by almost two) Honda E is a car built perfectly for the city, punchy acceleration and a "lounge" on wheels.Packed full of technology like the , hydrophobic intelligent cameras instead of wing mirrors.

Slow 3.7kWh Chargers

Typical location:
Avg. miles per hour:
11 miles

Fast 7kWh Chargers

Typical location:
Home | Work | Public
Avg. miles per hour:
20 miles

Rapid Chargers

Typical location:
Public (short stays)
Avg. miles per hour:
120 miles
honda e white front left

1752mm wide

1509mm high

3894mm long

  • Drive:

    Rear wheel drive

  • Seats:


  • Boot volume:


  • Tow hitch possible:


Pricing Examples

Estimated Business Lease Price


Includes lease of vehicle only. Price is based on a 9 month initial rental (£3545), and a 3 year lease at 8,000 miles per annum.

Estimated Personal Lease Price


The ultimate EV Package includes everything you need to get going electric, including the car on a personal lease, charging, energy, maintenance and tyre replacements in one hassle free package. Price is based on a 9 month initial rental (£5909), and a 3 year lease at 8,000 miles per annum.

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