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  • Apr 13, 2023

  • 2 min read


Mel’s Electric Adventure in the Electrified Genesis G70

Tune in to Mel’s Electric Adventure, a podcast from Tortoise Media about the electric revolution, with each episode featuring an exciting new EV and expertise from Octopus Electric Vehicles.

Each week, one of our EV Specialists takes a drive with actress, comedian, TV presenter, and national treasure Mel Giedroyc and Tortoise Media’s World Affairs Editor, Giles Whittell.

In episode 6, “Car-dashian", you’ll hear Mel, Giles, and our EV Specialist, Alvin Castillo, carpooling in an electrified Genesis GV70 - the luxurious, high end SUV made by the premium Korean car manufacturer.

Tune in to this episode to hear Mel’s first drive in the Genesis GV70 - the electrified version of the premium urban SUV, and how Mel and Giles feel that the luxury interior of the car makes the Genesis feel like a spa.

Highlights from the episode:

  • The Genesis brand does things very differently to most traditional car companies. Find out how Alvin woke up to a charging Genesis GV70 on his hotel room balcony on the 10th floor on the day of launch and test drive
  • The Genesis GV70 has a boost button that gives you 120% power for 10 seconds - just like the mushroom in Mario Kart!
  • Parked too close to another car? No worries. The GV70 has a feature that solves this for you. Use the key to tell the car to drive itself out of the space so you have room to get in
  • The Genesis has three different engine sounds to choose from, including sport, e-motor and futuristic
  • The Genesis has a function to switch to 1 pedal driving, similar to the Volvo C40
  • The GV70 has a WLTP range of 215 miles, will do 0 - 62 in 4.2 seconds and has a top speed of 146 mph. It takes 30 - 40 minutes to charge to 80% on a fast charger
  • The Genesis GV70 retails from £64,000. The sport model driven in the podcast episode has some extra features and retails at just over £73,000

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Photo credit: Paul Stuart for Tortoise