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  • Mar 13, 2024

  • 3 min read


5 ways to boost your range when driving electric

Range is such a hot topic in the world of EVs. And if you’ve got an EV, you’re probably wondering what you can do to increase your range.

Well, grab your driving gloves, because we’re about to kick things into high gear, with five ways to boost your range:

1. Use regenerative braking (if available)

Most EVs now have regen braking systems which act as a generator. So, as you break it’ll catch the energy that would otherwise be lost as heat, store it in the battery, and then give you a boost in range.

The amount of energy generated depends on the type of system installed, but typically it can add a few miles to a long journey.

To make the most out of regen braking, drive smoothly with mostly the accelerator and avoid any sudden braking.

2. Switch off any unnecessary features

Your EV battery doesn’t just power the engine, it also powers all the gadgets and gizmos - from your headlights to your air-con. When you’re trying to conserve battery power, switch off any features you don’t need (yes, that means those heated seats once you’ve got a warm tooshie).

3. Keep your tyres inflated

Make sure your tyre pressure is as close to the recommended pressure (this can often be found on the inside of your passenger door or in your vehicle handbook) as possible. When your tyres are low on air, your car has to work extra hard to move because of increased rolling resistance. It’s kind of like trying to walk on the sand instead of on the pavement.

So, by making sure your tyres are pumped up, you’re not only going to glide more effortlessly down the road, but you’ll also be extending the amount of road you can glide down.

4. Take it steady on the pedal

If you put the pedal to the metal like you’re flying down a race track, your EV would chug through energy faster than a toddler with a juice carton. And those dramatic braking moves - you’re not just sending yourself flying forward, you’re literally throwing energy out the window.

So, instead, take it easy on the pedals, and let your battery thank you with extra range.

5. Be smart with your charging

Like binge-watching shows, binging on charging isn’t always the best idea. The best way to keep your EV’s battery in good condition and boost range is to charge regularly and keep it topped up between 20 - 80%.

So, what can you do to boost your EV’s range?

Check your tyre pressure, be gentle with the pedals, let that regen work its magic, and maybe, just maybe, think about turning off that heated steering wheel. You'll be travelling from lands end to John o’groats in no time (topping up to 80% along the way of course).

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