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Peugeot e-208

Same but very different to the petrol Peugeot 208, the electrified and compact e-208 is crammed with tech. A worthy Car of the Year winner in 2020.

Peugeot e 208 blue front left


175mi (real world)


257 Wh/mi


0-62mph in 8.1 sec

Top Speed


Usable Battery


Charging Port


Approved by octopus

The Peugeot e-208 is a distinctly slicker (and more electric) version of the fossil-fuel 208, packed with updated technology, options on trims to suit your style, but ultimately it is a familiar car with an modern twist. The e-208 won Car of the Year 2020, which is no suprise as the French make the hatch back fun and exciting to drive and this car is no different.


The Peugeot e-208 features the 3D i-Cockpit, projecting key information to your instrument panel, creating a futuristic feel. Designed with a wealth of driver assistance systems, including cruise control, the e-208 is a step up from its predecessor.

Slow 3.7kWh Chargers

Typical location:
Avg. miles per hour:
12 miles

Fast 7kWh Chargers

Typical location:
Home | Work | Public
Avg. miles per hour:
24 miles

Rapid Chargers

Typical location:
Public (short stays)
Avg. miles per hour:
280 miles
Peugeot e 208 blue front left

1960mm wide

1429mm high

4055mm long

  • Drive:

    Front wheel drive

  • Seats:


  • Boot volume:


  • Tow hitch possible:


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