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Coming soon 2022

ORA Funky Cat

The latest manufacturer to join the electric revolution. ORA's Funky Cat has a compact, retro design combined with an impressive range, making it a great car for both city driving and longer journeys.


193mi (real world)


Coming Soon


0-62mph in 8.3 sec

Top Speed


Usable Battery


Charging Port


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The Funky Cat is an affordable and quirky EV that’s a welcome addition to the lower budget segment of the EV market. It has a generous offering of tech, including 360 degree parking sensors and a fully digital instrument display, putting the Funky Cat in line with most other EVs available, but at a much lower price point.


For a compact car, there’s plenty of space on the inside, both for the driver and passengers. The panoramic roof helps make an airy cabin, and leatherette seats combined with air conditioning make for a comfortable environment. A fully digital display as well as electric driver and passenger seats brings the Funky Cat in line with many of the more expensive EVs on the market.

Back seat of ORA Cat with green patterned leather