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Fiat 500e charging offer

Fiat 500e off-peak home charging energy offer

Order one of our stock Fiat 500e through Octopus EV’s salary sacrifice scheme, Business Contract Hire or Personal Contract Hire and you’ll also be eligible for free home charging (subject to the terms and restrictions below) for this vehicle only for the duration of your leasing agreement (up to 10,000 miles per year) when you join Octopus Energy and our EV tariff, Intelligent Octopus Go*.

Intelligent Octopus Go helps us make sure your EV is charging when energy is the cleanest and most cost effective, plus when strain on grid infrastructure is at its lowest, while making sure your car is charged and ready when you need it.

This offer is only available to people able to charge their EV from home, and replaces the ‘at home - up to 4,000 miles of free charging’ offer we currently offer.

This offer is available whilst Fiat 500e stock lasts.

How does it work?

First, we calculate the car's efficiency by dividing the usable battery size by the ‘real world' range. ‘Real world range’ is taken from the EV Database, and combines the predicted range of an EV in cold weather with the predicted range of an EV driving in warm weather. For cold weather, this assumes it's -10 degrees celsius with heating on. For warmer weather, it's based on 23 degrees celsius and there's no A/C on. Predicting exact range is tricky, and range will depend on speed, style of driving, weather conditions and route condition.

The Fiat 500e efficiency takes a usable battery size of 42(kWh), and then divides it by a real world range of 145 (miles). That equals 0.289 kWh/mile.

We then multiply this by your annual contracted mileage and by the Intelligent Octopus Go off-peak energy rate. It is assumed that you will only charge your car at home during the Intelligent Octopus Go off-peak window (this is currently from 23:30-5.30) or during the times that we start smart charging your car at this off-peak rate.

The monthly amount will change depending on the variant of the Fiat 500e model and contract mileage selected. Our calculation shall be based on our best estimate, taking into account the factors described above, we shall act reasonably in applying this calculation however our decision as to the sum applied shall be final. The maximum sum we shall be liable to pay to you each month under this offer shall not exceed £18.10, as per the illustrative example below.

Illustrative example for a Fiat 500e on the Octopus Intelligent Go tariff

If you choose a 10,000 miles/year agreement for 48 months then this will be calculated as follows:

0.289 (Car's energy efficiency) x 10,000 (contracted miles/year) = 2,890

2,890 x 7.5p (price of energy per kWh) = £217 charging costs per year)

£217 / 12 months = £18.10 per month

£18.10 x 48 months = £868.80

Illustrative example for a Fiat 500e on the Octopus Intelligent Go tariff

*To note:

  • The credit to your account will reflect our estimate of the cost of charging during the Intelligent Octopus Go off-peak/smart charging period only and using the current Intelligent Octopus Go rates.
  • We will provide the free home charging credit as a monthly account credit on your electricity account and only once you’ve successfully switched to the Intelligent Octopus Go tariff and had your EV delivered. Please note that switching to the Intelligent Octopus Go tariff and/or having a charger installed may take some time, and will depend on whether you are already an Octopus Energy customer, and whether you already have a smart meter installed.
    • If your Intelligent Octopus Go tariff sign up is held up due to extended home charger or smart meter lead times, but you are an Octopus Energy electricity customer and have taken delivery of your EV, we may at our discretion start crediting your account under this offer in line with the illustrated examples, however the cost to charge your EV will vary.
    • If during the process it is discovered that is not feasible for you to have a compatible home charger and/or smart meter installed which means you are not able to switch to the Intelligent Octopus Go tariff, we will provide you with the amount of credit offered as if you had switched to this tariff, on your Octopus Energy electricity account. The credit amount will be calculated and credited as per the illustrative example.
    • Please note that this would not constitute a reason to cancel your vehicle order free of charge, or return the car without penalty.
  • If the Intelligent Octopus Go tariff rate changes, your credit will remain the same, but the cost to charge your EV will vary.

This offer is subject to the following:

  • Your Octopus EV agreement must be for a Fiat 500e eligible vehicle from Octopus EV, which is one of our stock Single Motor variants. Our EV specialists can advise on the exact vehicle specifications available.
  • The contract agreement:
    • Length, maximum of 4 years
    • Inclusive home charging credit is restricted to up to a maximum of 10,000 miles per year. If the annual mileage amount shown on the contract is greater than 10,000 miles, anything above that amount won’t be counted in the calculation. If the annual mileage amount shown on the contract is less than or equal to 10,000, the credit will be calculated against the mileage shown on the original agreement. Extensions of the initial contract term will not be included within the offer period
  • You must have an eligible home EV charger (or EV) that is compatible with the Octopus Energy Intelligent Octopus Go tariff in order to see the predicted savings.
  • We will make available to you information about which vehicles and EV chargers are eligible before you select your contract, we must have confirmed to you that your vehicle and EV charger are eligible and that you have been accepted onto this offer.
  • Free home charging credit payments will cease at the end of your original EV contract term, or if you terminate the contract early.
  • You will only be paid the monthly charging credits during the time that you’re on an eligible Octopus Energy tariff, have had your vehicle delivered, and subject to you complying with the terms of that tariff, including making all payments to us when due for your energy consumption.
  • This offer only applies to home charging through an Octopus Energy home electricity tariff, and therefore does not carry over to any other type of charging, such as public charging on the Electroverse or otherwise.
  • Name and address on the EV contract and energy account must be the same, or you must be able to prove that you cohabit.
  • We reserve the right to remove or amend this offer at any time. This offer is not transferable and no cash equivalent will be offered.
  • Subject to availability and eligibility. See our charging terms and conditions here for further details, including terms around free home charging installation for standard installs.
  • Nothing in this offer prevents you from switching energy provider or tariff at any time during your EV contract term. However, to get the benefit of this offer you must be supplied by Octopus Energy for the monthly credit to be applied.

The promoter of this offer is Octopus Electric Vehicles Limited, reg number 10754317 registered address UK House, 5th Floor, 164-182 Oxford St, London W1D 1NN