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Octopus EV x HSBC UK

Refer your clients so they can reach their sustainability goals

Funded by HSBC UK

Octopus EV and HSBC UK are working in partnership improve the sustainability practices of businesses across the country.

All EVs delivered to your clients employees will be funded entirely by HSBC UK and as a zero emission vehicle this funding is classified as a green loan. And, even better, every order that comes through from your clients will count towards your funding targets.

How can salary sacrifice benefit my clients?

Hit their sustainability goals

Help your clients become more sustainable and rewards their team, with no cost to the company.

Free to set up and easy to run

It costs nothing to set up and is easy to manage with our HR portal. Minimal admin. Maximum team happiness.

Attract and keep the best talent

75% of employees say they're more likely stay because of their employee benefits package.

Up to 40% off a new EV

Your clients employees can choose from the best range of EVs, and save up to 40% on the cost.

The whole package

They'll get everything they need to hit the road: car, charger, energy, insurance, servicing, maintenance, breakdown and tyres. The lot.

First 4,000 miles free

Your clients employees will get 4,000 miles of free charge with our EV specific tariff, or through our public charging network.

Make it an easy choice

Get armed with the facts

Check out our Sustainable Workforce Report, where you can find out why sustainable benefits are key to engaging employees

Hear from our customers

The best way to know if a scheme works is to hear from businesses that have implemented it, click through to our customer testimonial hub

How do you refer your clients?

  • Tell your clients about salary sacrifice

    Let your clients know about the benefits it'll provide to their business.

  • Just drop your clients details into the form below.

  • They'll get an email to confirm interest

    We'll just get your clients to confirm their details are correct.

  • We'll take the conversation from here

    Don't worry, we'll keep you updated on their progress in signing up.

What are the costs to my client?

We love answering this question. It costs them nothing to join. Our salary sacrifice scheme is totally free for employers to set up.

It’s a win-win. You get to help supercharge your client's benefits package so their staff can save up to 40% when they switch to an electric vehicle.

What's the risk for my client's business?

The salary sacrifice proposition is designed through the lens of treating customers fairly. We designed the scheme such that any risk of the cost of the vehicle becoming unaffordable are almost entirely eliminated.

What does that mean?

  • At the point of an employee signing up, we suggest employers undertake an affordability check to ensure the salary sacrifice for the vehicle will not take the employee below minimum wage. We can also provide tools to enable the employer to do this.
  • Our Early Termination Waiver product enables the employer and employee to return the car at no cost in the case of the key life events that would impact their ability to afford it. These include: resignation, redundancy, long-term sick leave and parental leave. The terms are fully set out in the Master Hire Agreement.
  • By combining these preventative measures and including our early termination waiver we both reduce the risk of affordability issues and mitigate the impact of affordability challenges that may arise from a change in circumstances.
How long does it take for a business to get salary sacrifice live?

Once your client has had a chat with our team, and confirmed their interest, we ask them to complete a credit application and sign their agreement. Once signed, we work with them to set up their direct debits and other processes before launching to staff. This can be sorted in as little as 2-4 weeks!