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Octopus Electric Vehicles signs landmark deal with BYD
  • Mar 15, 2023

  • 3 min read


Octopus Electric Vehicles signs landmark deal with BYD

We’ve teamed up with BYD, a Chinese electric car and technology manufacturer, to offer UK drivers a landmark deal that’s the first of its kind.

BYD is launching its exciting new EV offering in the UK this month, and we’re at the forefront of bringing this new car to the UK market. We’ve signed an agreement to purchase 5,000 new electric vehicles from BYD, making the BYD ATTO 3 an affordable choice for drivers looking to get behind the wheel of a quality-built, family electric vehicle.

The BYD ATTO 3 is a versatile all-electric SUV with a modern look and an impressive amount of new technology. It boasts an impressive 260-mile range and accelerating power to match, reaching 0-62 mph in just over 7 seconds.

The BYD ATTO 3 is the newest addition to our range of more than 85 models from all makes available in the UK.

BYD has chosen Octopus Electric Vehicles as its preferred provider of salary sacrifice EVs. The whole package offers drivers 30% or more off the cost of the car, making it the cheapest way to lease BYD’s electric cars. This offer will support both business and personal customers alike, with our full package service including the car, installation of a home charge point, maintenance, repairs, and tyres covered in the monthly price, and special EV energy tariffs that help drivers save money.

Oliver Boots, our Chief Commercial Officer, said of the deal, “When Octopus Electric Vehicles launched, there were only a handful of EVs on the market. We’re now at more than 85, and the figure is rising all the time. Being able to partner with BYD as they launch in the UK is a real milestone. They’re a global leader, and we’re looking forward to being able to offer our 5* Trustpilot service to customers, accelerating our growth and moving us another step closer to zero-emission transport in the UK.”

Michael Shu, General Manager and Managing Director, BYD Europe and International Cooperation Division, said, “We are delighted to enter this cooperation with Octopus Electric Vehicles. This is an exciting new chapter for BYD as we bring our latest products and leading technologies to customers in the UK, as shown in our innovative range of electric passenger cars, starting with the BYD ATTO 3. BYD staunchly believes in partnerships with like-minded organisations, and our shared commitment to e-mobility and sustainable innovation for a greener future endorses our mutual aims.”

We launched with a simple mission: to make it easy for drivers to switch to clean, electric transport, and this deal takes us one step further along that mission.