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  • Sep 6, 2022

  • 2 min read


“I don't know why any employer wouldn't offer this”

Our customers are always telling us what they like most about our EV packages and of course, we want to shout about that from the rooftops! But what's better than hearing it directly from them?

Hear how the team at TPXimpact have found their EV salary sacrifice scheme, from setting up to driving shiny new EVs.

A few of our favourite quotes below:

Meeting environmental goals with Octopus Electric Vehicles

"We're a publicly listed company so in our report there is a planet section where we record how many people we obviously got on the scheme each financial year.

We’ve got a science-based target initiative commitment so we have to be net zero aligned before 2030. Having electric vehicles gives us another way in which we can hit these targets."

Keeping staff happy and saving them money

Neil Clark from TPXimpact had this to say about the sign-up process and the positive effect on staff.

"From an attracting talent perspective to retention and loyalty I think it is absolutely brilliant.

I don't know why any employer wouldn't offer this. There is no initial investment, it's just some administration to make sure that your payroll can deal with it and a few forms to sign."

Stuart Arthur, who works for TPXimpact and has now enjoyed the benefits of driving a brand new electric car for a few months, had this to say:

"The electric car has exceeded my expectations massively. I've got a supercar which is an Audi r8 v10 performance car and when I drive that car now, it feels like a backward step compared with driving electric.

Salary sacrifice wasn't something that I was aware of before this scheme. The payment for the car comes out of your salary pre-tax which means you’re paying less.

I think I save 300, maybe 400 pounds per month. That’s a huge saving.

My employer really cares deeply about making the world a better place.

If another company didn't offer the electric vehicle scheme I wouldn't consider joining them because it is such a huge benefit."

And the admin involved in setting up an EV salary sacrifice scheme?

"The scheme was very very simple to set up. I had a conversation with a few of the folks at Octopus EV to work out which paperwork we needed to fill in."