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  • Mar 1, 2022

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Helping Tecman show their team how valued they are

“We liked the fact that it was a purely electric vehicle scheme because we consciously make decisions that support our corporate social responsibility.”

Michelle Havenhand, HR Manager

Tecman wanted to show their team that they’re valued by offering them brand new electric cars through the company, and money back in their paycheck to incentivise the switch to electric.

Retaining the best talent

Tecman is a technology company that helps manufacturing and distribution companies drive excellence by transforming their processes and operations. Tecman has recently been recognised as one of the UK’s Best Workplaces™ for Wellbeing in 2022 by Great Place to Work®.

Tecman came to Octopus Electric Vehicles looking for new ways to reward their team and maintain their staff retention rates. Michelle Havenhand, HR Manager, explained “One of the main issues that our industry has faced is a skills shortage, so we started an academy programme to train people up. Once you’ve trained people you need to do what you can to keep them. We put a lot of effort into making sure our staff are happy and have everything they need to do the job well.”

A focus on employee wellbeing

Tecman put a lot of focus on employee wellbeing and making it a great place to work. Michelle explained “this helps us retain talented employees because they know their employer looks out for them and tries to make their lives better. It’s not just about the work, it’s about making sure that they are taken care of.”

“Our offices are in this amazing converted church which, along with workspace, includes relaxing areas, table football, arcade games, massage chair, drinks and more. We also provide an employee assistance programme and private healthcare scheme. Now we’ve introduced the electric car salary sacrifice scheme through Octopus Electric Vehicles.”

Incentivising the switch to electric

Tecman has introduced a financial reward for employees who switch to electric under the salary sacrifice scheme. “Not only do the employees get access to an electric car and the savings through their salary, but we also give them back the employers National Insurance contributions that we have made savings on too.”

They are also offering free electric car charging at their offices. Michelle explained, “We have EV chargers installed in our car park as another benefit for our employees and our customers. We’re using it as an incentive to get people moving to electric cars and being more environmentally conscious.

We liked the fact that it was a purely electric vehicle scheme because we consciously make decisions that support our corporate social responsibility. We support a number of local charities, reduce our plastic use and focus on recycling in the office. This was another scheme that fits in with what’s important to us and our employees, contributing towards net zero and giving back”

If you’re looking to find new ways to reward your employees and make your company a great place to work, our electric car salary sacrifice scheme is right for you.