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  • Mar 1, 2022

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Helping Bloom Procurement Services attract and keep top talent

“It was the sales approach and how the team managed the relationships that swung it for us. It was unlike anything else I’d experienced when looking into salary sacrifice car schemes.”

Ben Stevenson, Chief of Staff

Bloom Procurement Services chose our salary sacrifice scheme to attract and keep top talent by offering a comprehensive benefits package to appeal to different people.

The whole package for employers and employees

Bloom Procurement Services brings together a marketplace of buyers & suppliers for the public sector to buy & manage professional services. They believe that Social Value outcomes should be at the heart of procurement.

Bloom approached Octopus Electric Vehicles about our salary sacrifice scheme because of a referral. Ben Stevenson, Chief of Staff was tasked with finding out how a salary sacrifice scheme would work for the business so he drew up a shortlist of schemes and Ben had conversations with all of them to find the best fit.

“The offering from Octopus Electric Vehicles was way above what the competitors were offering. The protections it offers us as an organisation plus the benefits for the employees as an all-encompassing offer was just far above anything else I’d seen. We’re a forward-thinking company and we like to work with other like-minded businesses, and Octopus Electric Vehicles fit the bill.”

Rewarding hard-working talent

When Bloom came to us, they were looking for a way to diversify their benefits package and offer perks that reward employees for the long term. Ben explained, “it’s important for us to attract and retain good talent, and part of that is having a comprehensive benefits package that will appeal to ​​potential employees. It’s great for us to be able to reward people on a longer-term basis, it shows we have a good commitment to our staff and they have a commitment to us which helps us retain good talent.”

Ben explained why they chose Octopus Electric Vehicles as their salary sacrifice provider: “we chose Octopus Electric Vehicles because you offered the whole package and we liked the fact that our employees could take advantage of your EV tariffs too. The uptake has snowballed with employees wanting to take advantage of the charger grants and installation.”

Putting Social Value at the centre of the experience

Social Value is embedded through all areas of business at Bloom which allows them to measure, manage and maximise the social value offered to customers and employees.

“We wanted to be able to offer something a bit different to our employees that’s solving a problem and contributing to a cause that’s on a lot of people’s minds at the moment. There are a lot of people within the business who are very keen on electric cars, and the variety of vehicles made it appealing too. Social value is a massive part of our business so that drove our decision to use a purely EV scheme and not offer a scheme that offered ICE or hybrid cars.”

If you’re looking to diversify your benefits package and reward your employees, our electric car salary sacrifice scheme is right for you.