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  • Jun 5, 2024

  • 4 min read


Salary sacrifice is a no brainer for USP College

We spoke to James McInroy, who embarked on his EV journey through our salary sacrifice scheme by USP College. Tempted by the all-in-one package and a stylish Polestar 2 that caught his eye, James handed in his Maserati keys to go electric.

A few months after delivery, James has become a self-proclaimed EV geek and is about to take his EV to the Isle of Wight with the help of Electroverse.

“Four weeks later I had my Polestar on my driveway”

James: The journey began with the salary sacrifice scheme through USP College. I went for the long-range, all-wheel-drive Polestar 2, and I couldn't be more pleased with it. I only started with USP College around 8 months ago so as soon as my probation was completed I jumped to get an EV through the scheme.

I looked through all the details and booked a call with the sales team, the lead time was really short so I placed the order and four weeks later I had my Polestar on my driveway.

There was a little hiccup regarding the quote and there’d been a depreciation uplift but by the time we requoted the car again, it had come down a lot and was even cheaper than to start with.

E: Amazing!

J: The process was really efficient, especially once all the paperwork had been completed and I think, it was near enough three weeks to the day after signing it arrived.

“Salary sacrifice was a no brainer”

E: So what made you decide to get an EV now?

J: It was the Octopus salary sacrifice scheme. I could have got one on PCP (personal contract purchase), but my last car cost me a fortune in petrol, so salary sacrifice was a no-brainer when I did the maths.

A friend of mine got a Polestar a couple of years ago and I really liked it so I knew if I was ever going to get an EV, it would be a Polestar. The all-in-one package deal within the scheme of repairs, servicing etc only made me want one more!

I had a Maserati before which cost £140 on petrol every week, so I now pay less for the Polestar than I did just fueling the Maserati! It was a great car but the Polestar actually feels quicker and more powerful.

“Really simple and easy”

E: Wow, you’re saving loads of money then! And how do you charge your Polestar?

J: I’ve got an Ohme Home Pro through the scheme too, and the guy who installed it was brilliant. I’m on Intelligent Octopus Go now so I get a great price to charge up my EV.

E: How are you finding charging at home and Octopus Intelligent Go?

J: Yeah, I think it’s great, really simple and easy to use especially as it’s connected to the app.

E: Amazing! And have you done any long journeys yet? How have you found that if so?

J: Not yet, first one tomorrow! Going to the Isle of Wight so I’ve got my Electroverse card all ready to try out tomorrow. I’ve turned into a proper geek with it all, looking at EV forums and everything!

Elise: How exciting! Have you mapped out the charging situation there?

James: Absolutely. The main provider is Mer, with chargers in public car parks and street charging areas. But there are also some rapid chargers at places like Morrisons, so I'm well prepared.

Elise: I love the enthusiasm! It's so great to hear from people who are genuinely passionate about making the switch to EVs.

USP College has been able to give their team access to a wide range of EVs through our salary sacrifice scheme, enabling them to save money whilst helping the planet.

Chat with our team today to find out how easy it is to supercharge your benefits package. If you’re an employee, why not convince your company so you can get behind the wheel of your dream EV just like James.