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  • Nov 1, 2023

  • 6 min read


"My MG4 is a dream to drive"

We’re all looking for ways to save a little extra money and seeing as getting a new car is a pretty big investment, it’s important to know you’re getting a great deal. The good news is that our EV salary sacrifice scheme can help you save up to 40% on a brand new EV, plus we’ll include everything you need to hit the road with insurance, maintenance, breakdown, tyres and servicing in the package. We’ll also throw in 4,000 free miles whether that’s with a free home charge on Intelligent Octopus Go or on our public charging network, Electroverse (T&Cs here).

We had a chat with Magda, whose company launched our EV salary sacrifice scheme earlier this year. Madga realised that opting for an MG4 on our scheme would save her money and reduce her carbon footprint.

Now she’s been driving electric for a few months, we wanted to find out how she’s finding her new EV.

How did you find ordering your MG4?

“Ordering my MG4 was so easy and I had no problems at all. Using the online quote tool I was able to alter the contract terms whilst seeing the price so I could personalise my plan to fit within my budget. As I’ve got a car allowance, I didn’t want to go over this at all so I was able to narrow my choices down and eventually decided on the MG4 Trophy Long Range.

The team were so attentive as I received a call from one of the sales team just after I placed my order. They were able to answer all my burning questions and reassure me on things I was slightly concerned about. It was so helpful to be able to order the car online and then to be followed up with the call. It made the whole process really smooth and easy.

There was a slight delay on the delivery of my EV but only by a couple of weeks. I really didn’t mind as I was always kept in the loop to where it was. The team in operations, as well as the handy tracker which shows you your estimated delivery date, kept me all updated throughout. My MG4 was then delivered on the day expected with no problems at all. The whole experience was excellent."

What made you want to switch to an EV?

“I had a Volkswagen Golf before, it was a company car and it was nearing time to hand it back. I kept comparing the costs of my Golf to an EV as I did have some concerns, but my MG did come out better financially so I knew I had to take the plunge. What makes it even more economical is having my home charger installed for free as part of the package.

I’m a single mum, so finding the most cost effective option was really important. Not only is EV better for my wallet but my son and I love planning our journeys to keep organised with charging.”

Do you use home charging or public?

“I got my home charger installed whilst waiting for my car. The charger was my main worry really as I got the car when electricity prices were rising. I wondered if it would end up being cheaper or not. But I did some calculations on fuelling the EV compared to my previous VW Golf and it had really good value in it.

After my charger was fitted I was able to sign up to Intelligent Octopus Go, which did require an engineer coming out to look at my fuse box but that’s all fixed now. When they installed the charger they even checked that there was no electrical breakage in the pipe work. We did have a breakage, but the engineer did a really nice job of fixing that even though they had to go all the way round the house”

Find out more about our super cheap overnight charging tariff here.

Did you have any concerns about getting an EV?

“As an engineer, I love data and looking at all the numbers. For me, my main concern was if charging the EV would really be cheaper than fuelling my VW Golf. With the home charger, it is by a long way. I do use the public charging network when I need to but as it’s much better value to charge at home so I just always plan to charge it there.”

"It’s an absolute dream to drive"

“I love the way the car drives, it’s so smooth. Even my dog, who hated driving, now has a nice comfy bed in the boot which he loves.

There’s so many health and safety features, like lane assist, that have taken some getting used to. I’m always worried the high beam lights won’t turn off quick enough but they always do!

Before having an EV I was put off by automatics but it’s so fun, you’re the first off at the traffic lights and roundabout. Also, there's no worries for hill starts as the brake just stays put. It’s an absolute dream to drive.

I knew I wanted something of similar size so the MG4 wasn’t a big change, but it’s so much more spacious inside. I love the simplicity of it.”

How was your overall experience?

Everyone at Octopus was so helpful. My concerns and worries were listened to by the team and I was able to talk through them. The support they gave me, especially in the initial period, made the whole process smooth and efficient.”

“It’s just really really easy”

Our salary sacrifice scheme meant that Magda was able to transition to EV driving with ease, saving her money and contributing to a greener, fairer future for her son. Not only is Magda saving on fuel costs with a home charger but she’s reducing her carbon footprint. Charging up her car on Intelligent Octopus Go gets her the cheapest energy means she’s ready to go every morning.

By adopting our salary sacrifice scheme Magda’s company has empowered their employees to make the best choice for the planet and their wallets. So what are you waiting for? Get chatting to our team today and you could be set up in as little as 2 weeks.