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  • Oct 28, 2022

  • 3 min read


“This is probably one of the best benefits we've launched in a long time”

Here at Octopus Electric Vehicles we’re all about driving the electric revolution. We help some of the top companies in the UK switch their employees over to electric vehicles and move us all towards a greener future.

Don’t just take our word for it! You can hear from our customers Jacob Douwe Egberts (JDE), the world's largest pure-play coffee and tea company by revenue. They’ve been using our salary sacrifice scheme to give their employees great savings on electric cars and to attract and retain top talent. Watch this video to find out what JDE think about our EV salary sacrifice scheme.

Here are some of our favourite quotes:

Attracting and retaining talent through one easy scheme

John Mayor, HR Shared Services Manager at JDE explained why our electric car salary sacrifice scheme was such a good fit with their employee benefits package.

“A scheme like the salary sacrifice cars with Octopus [Electric Vehicles] is first class to attract, engage and retain our employees.

Any electric vehicle that's currently available in the UK is available on the scheme. That's a huge tick. That is our draw for talent.

Those who’ve ordered the car have a dedicated contact from Octopus [Electric Vehicles] and it's this agility that really does make me think this is probably one of the best benefits we've launched in a long time.

To have the full package of car, term, servicing, tyres, breakdown, recovery, insurance - phenomenal.”

Making great savings on a brand new electric car

Nat Sinclair, who works for JDE, has been enjoying the savings he’s made through using the scheme.

“I'm saving in the region of £600 pounds a month [using salary sacrifice]. I'm really happy with it!

Octopus [Electric Vehicles] made it really easy to narrow down what I was looking for, and then the ordering process itself was so simple.”

Helping the whole company go green

John Mayor explained how the electric car salary sacrifice scheme is supporting the company and its employees to be more environmentally friendly and forward thinking.

“As a company, we do have green ambitions.

We give [our employees] charging points within our facilities. They see how we are joining in the journey for electrification. We're all going to go electric. Why not be early adopters?”

The electric car salary sacrifice scheme is encouraging JDE employees to be more eco-conscious in their daily lives.

Nat Sinclair said, “Being able to use an electricity supplier at home which I know only uses renewable energy sources as well makes me feel really good about my daily driving. I'm not untowardly impacting the environment as much as I could have been before.”

Want to make great savings on a brand new EV through your employer?

Convince your company to join EV salary sacrifice today using our easy to complete form. We’ll get in touch with your manager (or HR director) directly and send them all the information they need about the scheme. Signing up is completely free. What’s not to love?