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EV charging in the community

Enabling EV drivers to share home chargers with their neighbours.

What is community EV charging?

It’s like having your own home charger, just at someone else’s house.

Community charging helps electric car drivers access EV chargers by borrowing them from others while they’re not in use. Community EV charging gives drivers who are looking to get an electric car the confidence to make the switch, knowing that there are local home chargers that they can use.

No driveway? No problem!

Community EV charging is easy and convenient for people who don't have access to a driveway to get their own home charger installed. By sharing home chargers with the community, EV drivers can make electric car ownership more accessible for their neighbours.

Octopus Electric Vehicles partners with Co Charger

We’ve partnered with Co Charger to help our drivers find even more ways to make EV charging easy, convenient and affordable. We’re working together to help more people switch to electric driving, even if they don’t have a driveway.

And on the flip side, drivers can make anywhere between £200 to £1,000 a year by renting out their home chargers while supporting their local EV community.

What is Co Charger?

Co Charger is a bit like Airbnb for electric car chargers. EV drivers can rent someone's home charger to fill up their electric car battery. People who have home chargers can rent out their chargers to locals looking to charge.

About 40-50% of drivers can’t install a car charger at home, so the Co Charger network allows people to switch to driving electric, even when they don’t have any off street parking. Most UK residents live within a mile of a Co Charger host, so EV drivers can use a neighbour's charge point as their own “home” charger. This makes EV ownership possible for everyone.

Use the Co Charger app for everything from finding and getting in touch with a host, booking, and payment to make finding a charger and filling up your car battery easy and hassle-free.

How does Co Charger work?

The Co Charger app helps connect drivers who need to use an EV charger with someone who has one they can use nearby.
  • Search for a local home EV charger

  • Request a charging session

  • Once approved, start your charge

  • Pay automatically via the app

Matching hosts and drivers

Most drivers with a home electric car charge point only use their home charger 5% of the time. When they’re not using it, the host can list it in the app as available to book by other EV drivers.

You’ll be helping your neighbours without driveways switch to electric by providing community charging infrastructure.

If you're looking for a local, bookable and reliable EV charge point, just use the app to book and pay. Simple.

Join the thousands of other EV drivers who’ve already switched to an electric car with confidence by using the Co Charger network.

How do I sign up to become a Co Charger host?

Simple - just download the Co Charger app and get started today

How do I use the chargers on the Co Charger network?

It’s really easy, just download the Co Charger app and set up an account

Can I be both a host and a chargee?

You can’t be both a host and a chargee on the same account. If you want to host a charge point and also rent a charge point you’ll need to set up two separate accounts.