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Ready to go electric? Choose Business Contract Hire

Lease a wide range of electric vehicles for your company.

What is business contract hire?

Business contract hire (BCH) is a business car leasing agreement for sole traders, limited companies and partnerships who want to lease a vehicle rather than own it.

Click below to check out our latest EV offers, including cars than beat global supply chain issues with speedier delivery. If you've got questions then you can find out more on our FAQ page.

Why choose business contract hire for electric vehicles?

We give you the whole EV package

We can offer everything for you to hit the road with your brand new electric vehicle: car, home charger, 5000 miles of charge for free, servicing, maintenance, breakdown and even tyres. The lot.

Electric vehicles can help your company save on tax

Benefit-in-Kind tax which is exclusively for EVs is capped at just 2% until 2025.

Claim back VAT with BCH

If you’re VAT registered, you can claim back 50% of VAT on your monthly lease and 100% of the VAT for your maintenance costs.

5-star customer service to help you choose the right EV

Our EV experts help you choose the right EV for you. Impartial advice. Every time.

First 5,000 miles of driving is free with BCH

Get 5,000 free miles of home charging through Intelligent Octopus, with 100% renewable energy.

Zero hassle at the end of your electric car lease

Once your lease is up just return the car and we’ll sort the rest. No hassle, and no residual value risk.

How does business contract hire with Octopus Electric Vehicles work?

  • Pick your EV

    Choose from the top EVs on the market, with advice from our impartial EV experts

  • Choose your mileage and length of agreement

    Decide how many miles you plan to drive, and how long you want the agreement for

  • Choose your initial payment

    Either 3, 6, 9 or 12 months’ worth - no hidden setup fees

  • We take care of the paperwork

    After a couple of quick checks on our side, all you need to do is sign

  • Hit the road!

    Need a hand? Our amazing operations team are here to help you get going.

Is business contract hire right for your company?

Do you pay yourself through dividends or want to upgrade a company car fleet to electric? Business contract hire is the quickest and easiest way for companies to switch to electric vehicles. Your company would ideally have done 2 years of trading before applying for credit. If you've got questions then you can find out more on our FAQ page.