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  • Dec 13, 2023

  • 6 min read


"Worry-free motoring"

We spoke to Mark Templeman, a Commercial Contract Manager at Switch2Energy, about how he’s finding electric driving after nearly 2 years with his Tesla Model 3.

Keep reading to hear all about his trip to Disneyland Paris and how he gets cheap overnight charging.

Mark: I got my Tesla Model 3 in March 2022, so I’ve had it for quite some time now. I knew I wanted to get a new car so when the scheme launched at Switch2Energy, I was in the right place at the right time!

Being one of the first to sign up for the scheme in my company, I was very interested to see how it all worked.

Elise: I can see that quite a few of your colleagues have got cars with us now so it must’ve been a success! Did you know what car you wanted before looking into the scheme for yourself?

M: Well, I test-drove a Tesla before I got on a call with one of your team and had pretty much made my mind up that it was the car for me.

Before I got the Tesla, I had a diesel Mercedes. It was automatic so I was used to that aspect of transitioning to an EV but the big screen on the dashboard did take some time to get used to - don’t get me wrong though, I do love it and I think it’s a great concept.

E: The Teslas do feel very futuristic!

M: I think it feels like when the first iPhone came out. It’s so groundbreaking and exciting to have new technology at your fingertips. It’s only going to get bigger, better and more common, so we need to get used to it!

"It's worry-free motoring"

E: Did you have any worries or concerns about getting your EV?

M: Not really, I did quite a lot of research before getting the Tesla so there was nothing I was majorly concerned about. In fact, that’s what appealed to me most about the scheme - it’s worry-free motoring.

Everything you need is included. There’s no need to worry about maintenance, tyres or anything like that, you just pay one amount a month and that’s it really. Everything’s in a fully inclusive price.

I feel like some people don’t factor that it in when looking at the cost, you always think about maintenance and insurance separately, but it makes far more sense if it’s just one payment. After looking at all of that I realised the price was really competitive. Especially as both my wife and I are on the insurance.

E: Sounds like the whole scheme has suited you to a T! Have you been on any fun trips at all?

M: We drove to Disneyland Paris last year. Using public chargers along the way and it was so easy.

We mostly went to Tesla Superchargers so we could charge the car in about 20 minutes which was perfect for grabbing a coffee along the way. As long as you take the time to plan a little more, there are no issues. There’s such a good infrastructure for public chargers in France, we found we never had to wait for one.

E: That sounds like great fun. How do you charge your car at home?

M: I’ve got the Ohme charger which I got free, included with the scheme.

It was out of action for a week but I just called Octopus and as it was still in warranty so we got it swapped out with a new one.

E: So what started you on this journey? What made you want an EV in the first place?

M: I was already looking at getting a new car and the price for the scheme was just too good to miss out on. That was my main factor for being interested in the scheme I think.

Not only is everything you need included in one price but as it’s salary sacrifice it’s an even bigger saving. I’m really into new tech and it’s great to be able to immerse myself without the fear of something going wrong as all maintenance and servicing are included in the one monthly payment.

The running costs of the Tesla are also so much lower than my previous diesel car. Especially as I have the super cheap overnight tariff with you (Intelligent Octopus Go) it only ends up costing me a few quid to charge my car. That’s probably a third of the cost it was previously!

If I ever go further afield I normally use the Tesla Superchargers. They are more pricey than at home but for the ease, I love them. It’s similar prices to buying petrol on the motorway so it’s fine now and again - especially as I can be fully charged in 20 minutes.

E: It’s great you’ve had such a seamless experience and the scheme has really benefitted you. Are you still loving your Tesla nearly 2 years on?

M: Yes! The car itself is lovely to drive. It’s got nice layout, great tech and it’s really great to drive. The acceleration and suspension and really good and the car is so comfy. Honestly, I think it would be hard for me not to get another Tesla after the lease is up.

One of my favourite features is that I can warm the car up. And it’s so quick! It only takes a couple of minutes whereas in a petrol/diesel car, you have to wait for the engine to warm up before it even starts to defrost. I can control it all from my app too which makes it even better.

Switch2Energy are able to save their employees, like Mark, up to 40% on an electric car with our salary sacrifice scheme. By giving their team access to a cost-saving benefit, Mark and his family were able to travel in style to Disney and gain access to super cheap overnight charging on our Intelligent Octopus Go tariff.

Get started with a member of our team today to get started on your electric adventure and supercharge your benefits package. If you’re an employee, why not convince your company so you can get yourself behind the wheel of an EV.