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  • Mar 22, 2022

  • 3 min read


Helping RocketMill support its commitment to the planet

RocketMill wanted to bolster its ‘Planet First’ initiative, set up by three employees within the company, by helping their team switch to electric cars through our salary sacrifice scheme.

Putting people and the planet first

RocketMill is an award-winning, full-service digital marketing agency.

RocketMill prides itself on being a People First business and wants to educate and empower its people. It’s an employee-owned company, so the team have a real interest in what the business does and its impact on the environment and its people.

Joe Buzzard, SEO Content Director said: “we have this ethos of being People First, which ultimately means we need to be Planet First, too. That meant it was a real no-brainer for us to use the Octopus Electric Vehicles salary sacrifice scheme as it allows our staff to start reducing their own impact. That in turn allows RocketMill to reduce our business impact as well.”

An employee-led initiative

Joe was part of the team that pitched the Planet First idea to the Founders back in 2019.

“We knew we wanted to do something for the environment, but didn’t feel like we could make much of an impact as individuals. We prepped for it to be a hard sell to the board, and it wasn't at all.”

Our electric vehicle salary sacrifice scheme was the perfect addition to support the Planet First initiative.

“When we found out about the scheme we thought ‘why wouldn't we do it?’ It just makes sense. We already use cycle-to-work, so a purely electric car scheme is an added benefit. EVs are the solution to reducing carbon emissions from the automotive industry. We didn’t want to use a scheme that offers fuel cars, or even hybrids as they’re still semi-petrol.”

Want to convince your company to join our salary sacrifice scheme like Joe did? You can send your employer details about our salary sacrifice scheme using our handy form.

Attracting diverse talent

The scheme helps RocketMill attract a wide range of talent to the team by offering a benefit that appeals to people who care about their environmental impact.

“The salary sacrifice scheme is a great benefit to add to our job descriptions to help us find the right type of people we’re looking to attract. The business is looking to bring on ‘culture-adds’ not ‘culture-fits’ within the team because we want people who can bring the company culture to life and add something new to it.”

“We’re an employee-owned company so we’ve all got a part of the business. There’s skin in the game for us. Providing benefits like the electric car salary sacrifice scheme shows the team that the business cares about them, which is great for recruitment and retention of staff.”

Helping your team reduce their carbon footprint is easy with our electric car salary sacrifice scheme. On average, drivers who switch from petrol to an EV save more than 1.5 tonnes of carbon every year.

It’s easy to show your team that you care, about them and the planet. Join our electric car salary sacrifice scheme.