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  • Apr 8, 2022

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Helping Purplebricks minimise its environmental impact

“We’re actively minimising our impact on the environment – so working with Octopus Electric Vehicles makes complete sense for us.”

Mauricio Hernandez, Head of HR Operations and Reward

Purplebricks is reducing emissions from its employees commuting to and from work by helping them switch to electric cars.

Making the switch to electric to help the environment

Purplebricks is the UK's leading technology-led estate agent brand. Unlike many other estate agents, Purplebricks has no high street offices. Its agents are based in their local area and work from home, travelling locally to give valuations and property viewings.

Purplebricks joined our salary sacrifice scheme to give its team the chance to switch to green transport by leasing an electric car through the company.

Mauricio Hernandez, Head of HR Operations and Reward explained: “We’re an online business with a lean physical infrastructure and are committed to actively minimising our impact on the environment – so working with Octopus Electric Vehicles makes complete sense for us.”

Joining our salary sacrifice scheme is an easy way to help your team reduce its emissions. It’s totally free for employers to join.

Helping employees reduce their carbon footprint

Purplebricks recognises the impact it has on the communities its teams work in and the responsibility this brings. Its carbon footprint is relatively low for its industry and the company is largely paperless.

Mauricio said: “As an innovative, tech-led estate agent, we draw on our creativity and knowledge of cleaner technologies to reduce our carbon footprint. We know that our people value this greener approach.

“For our business, our employees’ travel is one of our largest sources of emissions, so this was an important step in reaching our sustainability goals.

“We have a rigorous process of choosing our partners from an employee benefit perspective. We’re looking for the best service, and the best offer for our employees - Octopus Electric Vehicles offered both.”

Great customer service

Purplebricks wanted to make sure that its team got great service and lots of support in making the switch to electric cars. The help from our team has boosted the adoption of the electric car salary sacrifice scheme internally.

“Those that have received their new EV have been over the moon with the service and their new, green car. There has also been lots of curiosity from around the business. The Octopus Electric Vehicles team have given us what we need to drum up more interest in the scheme.

“Octopus Electric Vehicles have been excellent. The service feels very personalised and our account manager is always quick to respond. Salary sacrifice is a new offer for us as a business, so to have someone there to answer our questions has been invaluable.”

Our expert team are on hand to answer any questions you might have about our salary sacrifice scheme. Find out how our salary sacrifice scheme can work for you and your team today.