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  • Sep 8, 2022

  • 2 min read


“I've already recommended them!”

Eagle Eye joined our EV salary sacrifice scheme in March 2021, adding to the employee benefits they give their team. Saving their employees up to 40% on a brand new EV had been a great way for them to engage their team. But don’t just hear it from us - have a read of their experience of our EV salary sacrifice scheme. Here's what James Esson, Head of Finance at Eagle Eye had to say.

What do your employees think of your business now that they can get an EV via the salary sacrifice scheme?

Those who have taken up the benefit are very pleased. It’s good to be able to offer another ‘soft’ benefit for employees.

How has Octopus Electric Vehicles supported the salary sacrifice scheme since setting it up?

They‘ve answered them quickly and efficiently. Simple.

Have you seen an uptake of employees wanting to take up the scheme since you launched it?

It’s early days so it's difficult to know exactly how popular it will be, as people will have existing car contracts that they’re waiting to finish before they order an EV. However, there have been lots of good ‘vibes’ about the scheme.

Would you recommend the EV salary sacrifice scheme as a benefit to other employers?

Absolutely. Octopus Electric Vehicles make it really easy once you’ve done the initial form filling and agreed on any changes you want to make to the contracts. That flexibility to make changes was one of the things that appealed to us. I already have recommended them!

How have you found the admin side of the EV salary sacrifice scheme?

Once the scheme is set up, admin from our side is minimal. We just have to sign the paperwork and make the changes to payroll for the deductions.