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Personal Contract Hire for electric vehicles

Going electric is as easy as 1,2,3 with our personal contract hire package for EVs.

What is personal contract hire?

Electric car leasing with everything included for you to hit the road in a brand new EV. You have the choice of a wide range of electric cars with leasing contracts as short as 12 months.

Electric car leasing - who is it for?

Our electric car leasing scheme is for anyone that wants to lease, rather than own, a brand new EV.

Leasing is a great alternative to buying an EV if you want to commit to a vehicle for a few years, but, you don’t want to pay a large deposit or want any hidden surprises down the line with car repair costs.

Or you just heard on the grapevine about our ultimate EV package and wanted to nab the free EV charger and 5,000 free miles. Hey, we don’t judge.

How does personal contract hire work for EVs?

And that’s all we need from you! We put all your wishes into our system, do a couple of legal background checks and all you need to do is to wait for your EV to be delivered to your door - no unnecessary paperwork guaranteed.
  • Pick your EV

    Over 65 EV models from Fiats to Teslas for you to choose from

  • Make your contract suit you

    You choose the mileage and length of the contract

  • With set monthly amounts

    Agree your monthly cost and initial rental up front so you know what to expect

What's included with EV leasing from Octopus?

Free EV home charger from Ohme

Installed by an expert Octopus engineer. Standard installation included

4,000 free miles

On Intelligent Octopus - the top EV tariff from Octopus Energy. Or 4,000 free miles of public charge with Electric Universe.

Servicing, maintenance and repairs

We’ll keep your car in tip-top condition with servicing, maintenance and repairs included

Breakdown cover

At home or on the road breakdown assistance from the experts at the AA

Expert EV advice

Expert EV advice from our 5 star Trustpilot rated team

Replacement tyres

Get four new tyres every 20,000 miles covering wear and punctures

Why choose personal leasing with Octopus Electric Vehicles?

The ultimate EV package

Car, charging, energy. All from Octopus. We offer everything you need to hit the road in your new EV. Smart charging solutions and bespoke EV tariffs so you can charge when energy's cheapest and greenest

5 star Trustpilot rating

Our customers rate us 5 stars on Trustpilot, because we're obsessed with giving you the best experience possible. It's the Octopus way

Your first 4,000 miles free

If you take a home charger and switch to Intelligent Octopus, we'll credit your energy account. If you're charging on the public network, we'll give you Electric Universe credit. That's nearly 5 months' worth of driving for most people

Intelligent Octopus EV tariff

Intelligent Octopus synced with Ohme Home Charger is the smartest EV energy tariff giving you six hours of smart charging every night at a super low rate. Saving you up to 85% on fuel costs compared with petrol and charging when it's cheapest and greenest