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Polestar - pioneers of electric performance

Leading the charge in electric performance with cutting-edge design and a commitment to sustainability.

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Polestar 2

Long Range Dual Motor [Pilot]

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Dual motor

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Polestar 4

Long Range

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* Package includes the car lease, a free home charger, 4,000 miles of energy and much more. Price based on a 9 month upfront payment, 3 year lease at 8,000 miles per annum.

A brief history of Polestar

Polestar Racing in the late 2000s, they started modifying Volvos for racing. By 2009, Polestar officially partnered with Volvo to enhance their models. Volvo acquired Polestar in 2015, selling these enhanced models directly. Now under Geely, Polestar has become Volvo’s electric performance brand, rolling out the hybrid Polestar 1 and all-electric Polestar 2, with a focus on innovative design and sustainability. Polestar is taking on Tesla and aiming for Porsche-level prestige.

Why choose Polestar?

Polestar seamlessly blends cutting-edge design with advanced technology to drive a cleaner, more sustainable future. Every aspect of a Polestar car, from its innovative powertrains to the user experience, is crafted with a focus on sustainability and transparency. Polestar aligns desirability with ethical choices, solving real-world problems and fostering positive change. Choosing Polestar means embracing a brand dedicated to not just performance and luxury, but also to making a meaningful impact on the environment.

Can I get a personal lease for an electric car?

We do credit and affordability checks on all our customers, and if you're good to go we are happy to get you rolling in that brand new EV! Get a quote for an EV here.

What is salary sacrifice?

Salary sacrifice is an employee benefits scheme that allows you to pay for a car out of your gross monthly pay. Because this payment comes out of your pay before any tax, it reduces your salary and in turn lowers your income tax and national insurance payments too.

Money that you'd normally never see (because it goes straight out of your pay to HRMC) goes directly towards paying for your car. This makes it a very cost-effective way to lease an electric vehicle and allows you to save up to 40% on the cost of an electric car.

Check out this guide that explains why companies choose our salary sacrifice scheme.

Can I customise my car on business contract hire?

It depends. Not all electric vehicles are available for customisation and might be available ‘as is’ with standard options. Some have all types of fun gadgets and requirements to choose from, but be aware these will reflect in your monthly rental fee and add time to your delivery date. All options must be added before the BCH agreement is final.

Is maintenance included with BCH?

Our BCH contract comes with an optional maintenance package that you can add to the lease at an additional cost.