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Minimal admin, maximum team happiness.

Managing your scheme is hassle-free, with our easy to use HR dashboard.

Your HR dashboard gives you the visibility of everything you’ll need

The handy dashboard tells you how many cars are on order, out on the road, the current credit available and even shows how much carbon your team has saved by making the switch.

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Download your reports and invoices directly

We make it easy for you to manage the scheme. Everything is available in your HR dashboard, including monthly invoices and reports which can be downloaded with a couple of clicks.

We’ve included a bunch of FAQs and guides on managing the scheme, and you can easily see what stage your team’s orders are in.

Promote your scheme to your team and the rest of the world

Let your team know they can get behind the wheels of a brand new electric vehicle. You can easily invite new team members one by one or in a simple bulk upload. You’ll then get an email every time a team member orders a car, which you can approve online in minutes.