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All-inclusive EV subscription

Everything you need to hit the road, without the commitment.

Choose your car

Peugeot e-208 Allure Premium

£815 a month (incl. VAT)

A familiar car with an modern twist. The e-208 won Car of the Year 2020, which is no surprise as the French make the hatch back fun and exciting to drive and this car is no different.

Volkswagen ID.3 Family Pro

£860 a month (incl. VAT)

Built and designed with the city and urban environment in mind, it feels super comfortable to drive.

Tesla Model Y RWD

£1,245 a month (incl. VAT)

A compact SUV with lots of storage, the latest technology, a stunning panoramic roof, and sports car performance.

What's included?

All included in a hassle free 30 day rolling package from one of the UK's most trusted brands. No deposit, no commitment.

Servicing, maintenance & breakdown

No unexpected costs, you just pay if there's damage beyond wear & tear.

High monthly mileage allowance

Drive up to 750 miles every month, plenty of road ahead of you.

Fully comprehensive insurance

We've got you covered. You just need to fit the eligibility criteria.

What to expect

  • Join today

    Choose your EV and submit your details

  • We'll do some checks

    To check affordability and your identity

  • A tiny bit of admin

    Sign your docs online & pay one month upfront + delivery fee

  • We'll deliver your car

    Your car will be delivered within a few weeks. Delivery costs just £130

Hassle free charging

One simple tap of your app or card is all you need to charge with Electroverse. Giving you access to thousands of chargers across the UK & beyond with 25+ charging operators. We'll post you a personalised card when you join.

Who is eligible for Octopus EV subscription?


  • Minimum age is 25, 30 if it’s a premium vehicle like the Tesla.

Criminal Convictions

  • No unspent criminal conviction under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

Insurance History

  • No history of insurance decline, renewal refusal, or insurance cancellation by any motor Insurer.


  • Not engaged in professional sports, entertainment/theatrical profession, racing/gambling, foreign armed forces, or foreign embassy.

Citizenship and Licence

  • Only British or EU citizens and licences are covered.
  • You must have had a licence for at least 2 years.

Do you need to have a clean driving history?

Driving History

  • No disqualification from driving within the last 36 months
  • No more than 6 points on licence
  • No specific offence codes (e.g. UT, DR, DG, DD, BA, IN, AC, CD, LC30-50, MS50-90, MR, TT)

Accident History

  • No more than one at-fault incident within the last 3 years
Are there any usage restrictions?


  • No carriage of passengers or goods for hire/reward, including ride-hailing, food delivery in GIG economy, or any commercial transport for profit.


  • Only the hirer who completed a rental/lease agreement for the cover period can drive.
What do I need to know about insurance?
  • A £1,000 excess applies to any insurance claims
  • The policy only covers damages and losses incurred within the geographical area of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man.
  • The policy excludes cover if the hirer or driver fails to provide accurate information or if they act fraudulently or criminally.