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  • Aug 7, 2020

  • 3 min read


Staycation travel with an EV: Land’s End

With more and more people looking to holiday in the UK this year, we wanted to share with you how easy a ‘Staycation’ with an EV is (oh and how little it cost too!)

We set off from London for Land’s End on Thursday and arrived back on Monday. The EV we drove was the Tesla Model 3 Performance whose 75 kWh battery provided more than enough energy to reach our first campsite at Wookey farm without stopping to charge once- we started off with a full charge. We then set-up camp for the night and plugged in to charge.

At the campsite we were provided with a 7 kWh charger at a rate of £1 an hour which meant by the time we woke up refreshed the next morning the Tesla had been charged to 98 % of it’s capacity and we had spent £8.

We then travelled on to Cheddar Gorge where we stopped briefly to enjoy the sights before heading off once more. We stopped off in Woolacombe to enjoy some scenic views and then continued on our way. Climbing the cliffs in the Tesla reduced the battery capacity at a faster rate than driving on the motorway but that’s to be expected with the angle that we were travelling at.

When night began to fall we stopped off at Cornish Tipi and Wild camping on the outskirts of Port Isaac. There was no charger on-site but just down the road there was a rapid charger which provided a charging rate of 50 kWh meaning we only had to wait 30 minutes for the car to be charged, at a cost of £4.35.

Finally we reached Land’s End on Saturday night, pulling into a campsite on the Land’s End peninsula we plugged in the Tesla to charge at a caravan post- suggested by the campsite owner. The Tesla was fully charged by the morning, we paid £11 to charge. In the morning we went across Sennen to Penzance for to Marine Discovery, a marine learning sail boat experience.

After we returned to dry land the long journey back to London began. We got all the way from Penzance to Winchester stopping once at Lifton to use a supercharger for 5 minutes at a cost of £3.40- as it made more sense to travel at 70 Mph on the motorway with a short stop. Our last night of travelling was spent at a hotel which I had purposefully chosen due to it having a supercharger, this took less than 20mins to charge the Tesla back to 70% and cost £5.35. The following morning we were up bright and early to finish the last leg of the 3 day long, 761 miles completed.

In total we spent £33.10 on charging the Tesla Model 3 for our entire trip from London to Land’s End and back again.

You can find out more about EV Staycations on our workshops,as well as take a look at which EV’s are available for your next trip on our cars page.