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Three Constantines the pink Octopi are playing guitar, singing and holding a sign saying 'get a move on' under a wave of musical notes and a disco ball
  • Oct 31, 2021

  • 3 min read


Calling all kids! Help us send a message to grown ups at COP26

It’s not just grown ups that care about the planet, it’s kids too! So, we’ve made a song for COP26 about climate change with our friends from Hopscotch🌍 It’s fun, catchy and has some handy tips for the grown-ups in charge on how they can #GetAMoveOn! Check out the full song here!

🙏Want to be involved in our climate song? Watch our video to hear what kids just like you have to say!

Click here for lyricsto the song and see below for some instructions to help you make your own version to share with the important grown ups in your community.

👔 Dress up!

Dress your child up in your clothes! Have fun! The baggier and bigger the better. It’ll be funny if the sleeves are dangling from their arms etc.

Draw or print a sign saying #GetAMoveOn

🎤 Karaoke time!

It’s time to sing some lines from the song. Either choose a couple of lines from the chorus, or if you’d like to go for it, do the whole song! Be as silly or as serious as you like!

📧 Send out your video to any important grown ups in your community and ask them to #GetAMoveOn! Feel free to tag us @octopusEV on Facebook and Twitter, or @octopus_ev on Instagram.

Thanks for getting your groove on and helping us make a change at COP26.

🎥 Watch how some other kids have already done it!

🎵 Check out the full song below!

Terms and conditions

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